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Questions I have planted two plants with 8 week and 10 week flower times

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Will i be able to harvest at the same time if i let the 8 weeker run longer? Or should i harvest individually? Id rather harvest together

Soskyhigh101 May 29, 2023 1:46 am

@brbrbn yea like mentioned treeat them differently but a lesson learned for me be certain to be ready to harvest twice or more specifically have a dry set up that allows you to move into it easily....I keep a 2x4 tent in my garage outside of my lung room


Autos run into this issue for sure so at times I have to balance between leaving something harvested at day 84 and the other at Day 99....so when I pulled the first harvest the tent was ready for the 2nd one.Β 

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I would treat each plant as an individual, if you've spent this much time growing them and making them perfect as individuals why ruin it at the last moment. A little extra time for the one won't hurt you but it could if you harvest too early. Remember those time lines are just suggestions and actual times may vary from locations to location. lol

Just take your time and let the plants do what they HAVE to, don't set time limits on yourself because the plants will fuck that all up!! 🀣  Good luck man.


Hi mate,

I like to chop my plants individually as some are ready before others, I guess its a personal choice how much amber you like in your crystals. I also tend to chop the buds that seem ripe at the time rather than the whole plant at once .

Best wishes with your harvest



Yes the same as what WoodI said . Harvesting too early could jeopardize what effects you when you smoke and could give you more feeling of paranoia as you consume.Β 

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Thanks for the reply guys, ill have to figure out a drying solution in case i have to chop seperatly, as i use my tent as a drying room at the minute.Β 


If their from same breeder, not seller, but breeder, then they have 2 weeks difference between them. Otherwise u cant know. 90% sellers said flowering times are not accurate.

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