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Assuming you don't want to smoke any flower (crazy I know), is there any reason to dry and cure your buds before dunking them in ice water?

Macky Macky December 5, 2022 9:48 pm

@deo Just to allow the chlorophyll to break down mate..... Im not 100% sure but I think you can just go ahead and make it with wet buds, and thats called live resin right? @bubblehok may know more

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So there is a difference, if using fresh frozen material you will be making what's known as live resin, this will contain the largest amounts of terpenes and be the cleanest possible hash you can make. A step down from that is normal bubble hash which is a hash made from dried trim and buds, cured or not it remains the same but the longer the cure the more cbn is produced as the thc degrades over time, this will also result in a darker hash. I like a mixture of both personally, I will normally keep all my wet trim and larf and freeze it for a wash without drying and then will do a bubble hash run with the dried material later if I need more. The only time you will have issues with fresh vs dried material is when you are looking at pressing the flower whole, because the flower when wet will still hold a lot of the water and chlorophyl it makes for a wet mess and lower quality rosin. That being said if you wash your fresh flower and then press the live rosin after it has dried out a touch you will have stumbled upon the creme de la creme of hash rosin, live resin pressed is the tastiest hash rosin you will get imo. 

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