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Questions Instagram pics safe or not?


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I live in the USA in a state that only has medical and no home grow. I want to post pics of my home grow on an intsa account without my name or location and different email then my main account. This account I have only used for cannabis related posts and gardening posts. I really want to make cannabis gardening posts because that is my passion. Do you guys think this is safe? 

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Should be ok mate, the police have much bigger and easier fish to catch on Insta.... but you can never be sure. Just make sure your scrub location details n shit of pics before uploading them 

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Just make sure there’s no identifying things in the picture and like Macky said, scrub the EXIF data. I believe insta scrubs the data but better safe than sorry. Just FYI, everything uploaded to Percy’s is automatically scrubbed to protect our members privacy.

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I took some pics and noticed there was an extension cord with my last name on the yellow plug. Lol. We legalized 2 years ago. It's a different world.

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