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Questions [Completed] Is there something wrong with my Autos?

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Hey all. Curious as to how everyone thinks my autos are doing. My gelato.. the 1st 2 pics looks droopy. Also was curious if i should defoliate some. Over the past few days i have been clipping a few leaves here and there but my Northern lights looks like a bush now. I just dont want to overdo it. First time grower, dont roast me to muchπŸ˜…

All 3 are autos...Growing in a homemade super ssoil that I made following TG recipie.

They are 34 days old

20230123 072729
20230123 072756
20230123 072722
2 Answers

Welcome to Percy's, glad you made it. Questions @decolon, What is your watering schedule and how do you determine when to water? Then what are you watering with, Tap, rain water, RO, well water from the fountain of youth? Have you added anything to them-top dressed or watered in? What size containers are they in and how long have they been in them?

Β This is a good starting point. πŸ‘Β 


The top picΒ 

looks to dry & needs waterΒ 

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