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Questions Is this the start of flower and is it too early??


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Hey guys my Mimosa day 17 has started producing white hairs, im afraid did i do something wrong that she has started so soon, they could be there a few days but i only noticed today. 

IMG 20210924 WA0013
IMG 20210924 WA0012

Whoever said the best things in life are free, obviously was a member of HOHG🌱

2 Answers

She's just showing off her bits. She just showing her sex, a couple more weeks till she starts to get serious. 

@woodl2 ah thats perfect than! I was worrying because i only ordered my flowering bulb today!😂 thanks for the reply Woodl2😊

Mine are at about the same point. They are auto's. I'm figuring about two more weeks or so and they will be starting their little afro's. So any training or manipulating should be finished by then. At least with my auto's. If yours are Photo's, then they are just showing their sex and are mature enough for flower. So ready when you are, boss! 🤠    Best of luck to you.

@woodl2 we are the same so i have also got autos! My Northern lights is 20 days older and she has no hairs maybe when i broke her stem i turned her to a man Tears   or maybe she just doesn't get those hairs, in going to see how you done you're training, so far i have only leaf tucked but the mimosa has a tiny stem so i can't do anything with her yet 🙂

Yeah you have to work with what you've got. One of mine got topped 7 times, where the other two only got topped once. They weren't able to take that abuse, so it's better to leave them alone. I'll do some minor Low stress training with the ones that didn't get massive toppings, as they are forming their buds, but once she is in flower I stop messing with them. I also do a little each day as to not freak them out too much. Regardless of how much you do or don't do, they will still be just fine. Sometimes just letting them grow will produce great results. I do recommend one main stem topping if possible.  It's taken me a while to get to this point, so please just grow and learn. You'll get there. 

I to have broke a lot of stems, oops. Remember to say your sorry and that you'll never do it again. It's only polite!  😎                 peace  

Hey @woodl2 sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much i have taking you're advice and started with the low stress training as best as i could for now, i topped 2 previous photos periods and they took it very well but these are definitely alot more feeble so im going to try keep hiding the head so i don't need to top it but we will see after another few days, my 20 day old has hairs and my 40 day old is still jiving in veg Fist Bump haha thanks for you're help il keep it up for the next few days, already i learned so much i know my next one will be a beast haha peace Woodl2


It's a girl, paint the nursery pink😆

Haha yaaaayyy il get started than thanks for you're help @naamk

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