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Questions [Completed] JMS Question

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Been catching up with some of the excellent interviews lately and particularly Chris Trump. 

JMS seems areally simple and win win principle so interested in give it a go as soon as possible. 

Not sure if the answers to my query came up in the interview but need to ask. 

At what stages of the grow can JMS be applied and how often, if at all, should it be reapplied ?

Time to grow old disgracefully.

Macky Macky January 25, 2023 10:04 pm

@toploader Pretty sure you can use it thorugh out the grow, but @monkeydo would be best to answer this as he actually uses it Smile

monkeydo monkeydo January 25, 2023 10:40 pm

@toploader it’s mostly a microbe soup with a little starch to feed the microbes. It’s safe to use at any time in your grow and you can apply it as often as you like. I use it every couple weeks in my coco runs. In soil the effect can last longer with the right conditions. Woodi has used it with great results in his soil runs. I’d recommend that everyone try it, it could improve your results and it’s so easy and cheap

Toploader Toploader Topic starter January 26, 2023 7:11 am

Nice one @monkeydo thank you.

5 Answers

Posted by: @toploader

So for JMS, rainwater or RO water, what do you reckon ?

Either works fine. I asked Chris Trump and he said well water or pond water would be fine too. You are looking for water without chlorine so the microbes can reproduce without a problem.

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Toploader Toploader Topic starter February 7, 2023 4:43 pm

@monkeydo rainwater it is then. Thanks mate 👍


@toploader, far as I know you can't over do it just like Monkeydo said. It's not a nutrient it's just microbes and water, so your just sprinkling a few microbes in her water, it's all very chic. lol  It does seem to take longer to brew properly in the cooler winter temps and I have to time the brewing with the plants watering schedule, but the reaction from the plant is stunning compared to what you put into it. I can't advocate it enough, and now I'm going to try it in coco. wink, wink!! lol   If I could use it in my DWC I would.  

Toploader Toploader Topic starter January 26, 2023 7:13 am

@woodi2 thank you. Seems so simple ! I feel a brew coming on 😆


@mcgrower went out an collected some "decidous forest topsoil" for his current grow.  I think its a great idea.  I expect it will have a broader spectrum of microbes than the stuff you buy in a package.

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mcgrower mcgrower January 27, 2023 6:59 am

@davetg01 awesome dude, it's good stuff, did you collect any leaves debris? Mix in with soil let it break down and ready to use for next grow.

davetg01 January 27, 2023 7:16 am

@mcgrower I started composting some for my current grow, but not sure its going to get there.  I used bought organic compost, worm castings, & manure in the grow. 

I have a routine i've used for my fruit trees.  My neighbors put leaves on the street in the fall and i pick them up and compost them with grass clippings & vegetable waste over the winter.  Feed thectrees in the spring.  Makes for tasty peaches.

Not the right time of year to go up into the mountains to collect "forest topsoil" right now as its got a couple feet of snow on top of it.  Later on i expect to.

@toploader. Sorry if we hijacked your question thread.  You inspired us! 

Toploader Toploader Topic starter January 27, 2023 9:36 am

@davetg01 no problem mate 👍

Juglans Juglans February 1, 2023 11:43 am

@davetg01 The soil in your yard under the composting leaves, is better for you than any mountain soil. Unless u live up there in the mountains. Collect as close to grow as possible to ensure biggest amount of beneficial microbes staying alive. Mountains have different kind of microbial and they dont stay alive in different areas. Your neighbors leaves have those microbes that thrive in that particular macro climate. ✌🏽

davetg01 February 1, 2023 5:46 pm

@juglans. Yes, maybe.  I live in what is called "high desert" 5 miles from a mountain and 10 from a river.  The trees in my neighborhood are all imported and would not be there without additional water pumped from underground.  There would be cacti and dryland shrubs and grasses.  The microbes in my compost pile are likely only part native.  The question for me is, "which would be best brought inside my house and added to a constructed soil for plants native to somewhere else?"  Perhaps some indicas are high desert plants.  Or mountain plants.  Havent looked up the habitat associated with Kush yet.

Juglans Juglans February 5, 2023 4:59 am

@davetg01 Kush is probably thin leaf afghan. Thin because of uv in high altitudes of Hindu kush mountains.


Can you add this stuff to your compost? Or stuff that is just being composted? 

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monkeydo monkeydo January 28, 2023 2:38 pm

@mcgrower you don’t add this to compost, it’s diluted and fed directly to the plants. In theory, your compost bin has plentiful microbes already. JMS is a vehicle to provide large quantities of beneficial microbes to your grow.

Here’s the video that got me started

Topic starter

So for JMS, rainwater or RO water, what do you reckon ?

Time to grow old disgracefully.

monkeydo monkeydo February 8, 2023 3:42 pm

@toploader I use rainwater when its abundant, otherwise I use well or pond water. All worked well for me.

Toploader Toploader Topic starter February 8, 2023 3:49 pm

Rainwater it is. Thank you 👍 

WoodI2 WoodI2 February 8, 2023 6:59 pm

@toploader, I add the salt to RO water then the bag, then dilute after cooking, PH at that point (I use well water for PH up), then water in. This works for me. 

But I have to correct my BAG so I don't get yelled at again. 😔 lol  🤣  I only used the bag on the first one and over a half a dozen times the wrong way, the plants didn't mind the wrong way. idk. 

Toploader Toploader Topic starter February 8, 2023 7:12 pm

@woodi2 thanks mate. I eventually went with rainwater, simply because the flow on my RO unit is fairly slow. It's a bit nippy here at the moment, so I sat the container on a small heat mat, hopefully to keep those microbes happy.

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