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Questions Letter to Police, demanding to know if safe from them, or if they're still a menace.

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(Wasnt sure which section to make this thread.. but, I suppose this is technically a growing question.  ;D)

[2023-03- 2 09:44:40] * Digit sent another letter to the police, demanding to know if we’re safe from them yet:

Subject: public safety, human rights, keeping the peace.


Are we safe from you yet?
If I let some cannabis seeds germinate, will you keep the peace?
Do you still still break into peoples homes, in armoured gangs, assaulting, traumatising, tying people up, stealing medicine (!!!), and threatening to make people your prisoner for over a decade of rape? (like I still suffer PTSD from)

Maybe you realise now, you’re supposed to be in our service, not supposed to be Corporate(Psychopath) policy enforcement officers. Maybe /now/ you realise your interests are our interests, and not anti-competitive monopolist corporate interests which harm you as it harms us all. With all that’s going on, with the overt truth of cannabis’s safe benign ways (even safer without the pressures of prohibition and ignorance), and more so, its beneficialness (and the historic corporate convergent interests across several industries taking out the competition), and the 2 decades(!!!) the UK’s been the largest exporter of cannabis for medicinal use, and aproaching 5 years since declared prescribable, and with several Police Chiefs effectively decriminalising it, and the hypocrisy undermining trust in, and good relations with, the police, I just thought, maybe by now you get it, and we’re safe from you now…

Are we safe from you yet?

If I germinate some cannabis seeds, will you keep the peace?

Please let me know if we’re already safe from you, and if not already, when.


PTSD any time attempting to germinate, is no fun, and with dozens of ailments, even less fun.  

What do you think of this approach?

I recently sent a similar letter to the highest legal bod in the land too.   Yet to receive a reply.

I send such letters to the police quite often.  Times I highlight their criminality dont get a response.  Times I ask plainly, get replies stating the illegality, with ambiguity between the lines like it's okay so long as I dont get caught.  

Soon... maybe this time... they'll say it's deprioritised, or even depenalised/decriminalised, and I'll feel safe from their menacing terrorism, to start growing again ('s been 18 years!).

Macky Macky March 2, 2023 12:06 pm

@digit I thinks its passive aggressive tbf, and there is no point sending a letter like this to the police. It just makes them aware of you thinking about growing, makes you an easy target for them, and really doesnt do any good. 

Just keep your head down and get a small grow on, dont tell anyone, especially the old bill 

Billy420Bonds Billy420Bonds March 2, 2023 3:06 pm

@digit - we have done this already - me too personally .. goto www. wtuhq


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It just makes them aware of you thinking about growing, makes you an easy target for them, and really doesnt do any good.

I've already been front page news locally.  That ship has sailed.  They can know I want to grow, no harm there.  Especially since...

Just keep your head down and get a small grow on

If that were viable.  PTSD & panic attacks severe enough to cause convulsions that rupture old wounds that feel like a breadknife being pulled in and out my side every breath.  Undoes the good the herb provides.

We should not need to hide.  I'm not comfortable with that idea, even without my PTSD & many comorbidities predicament.  Would rather live free.  Would rather END the monstrously harmful crime of prohibition.  A torturous and murderous crime.  And under such hypocrisy (as highlighted by the durations in that version of the letter).

I've no eagerness to martyr myself, but prohibition is WRONG.  The letters I send through their online form are without my name/address/etc, though a modecom of investigative competence, they can easy find out who I am. 

I've another idea of walking (once I restore that ability more) into the local police station, holding a seed above a pot of soil, demanding to know if we're safe from them yet.  They need to be challenged, they need to know what they're doing is criminal.  Unlawfully criminal.  In breach of many laws.  Including their duty of care, which, once informed, eliminates breaches by incompetence, leaving breaches by neglegence (can be criminal) or intent (always criminal).  

If everyone did as this, how long would prohibition persist?  

I've another idea (perhaps even more whimsically / cathartic-wishfully), of a Cannabis Liberation Front, where people in great number forcefully extract prisoners from incarceration, and prevent the courts from putting anyone else in prison for this plant.

Add those ideas, to the efforts of <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">SeedOurFuture's approach of "Taking On The UK Government Via The Courts", <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">DrugScience's evidence based advocacy, and perhaps we can end this attrocity of prohibition sooner and save some more lives, and prevent a lot of unecessary suffering.

Time flies when you're not in pain or prison.


This country is run of money not of morals or of best intentions,I fully understand where your coming from with the-in great numbers vibe I to would love to see people take to the streets and see real change but the reality of it is it's not going to happen people can rise but laws will never change unless deep deep pockets pay for that change- me and police don't get along and altho I'm not a criminal of any sort I still look over my shoulder when there lurking, 

I have always said I want to buy land be it a couple square ft or acres I don't care I want land because once I have that patch of grass morals become law not politic opinion and unless I say your not coming in simple,this country isnt for it's people but for the pound no loyalty no trust no heart just money hungry cnts that will stand and stomp on who ever to get to the top, 

Iv thought about making a go fund me and alsorts to buy land become green officiant and off greed living life and happy away from all the bullshit,go fund me isn't the way tho not for me if I'm going to make it happen I'll some how do it of my own back. 

All I can say is I wish you the best and hope the feds near you have more understanding then the fkers near me 👍👍 

Keep it Poppin 


Thank You @digit for standing up for your Earthly given rights and standing up for your truth. It takes courage to choose to do what you propose of doing. I salute You dear Brother!

The way I see it, is that three-dimensionally we live in a system, a 3D-Matrix if You will, that has been programming us into fear, separation from God/Source/Universe/Quantum Field... pick a label... separation from Mother Earth, separation from our own innate Divinity, separation from one another... think "countries" with their imaginary lines on a map...  and in my perception this has been going on for at least 5k years if not longer... and every time any given courageous group of people has tried a revolution against the system, the system has prevailed. So to me, going against the system, fighting it, is doomed to fail, since this system has at least 5k years of experience in crushing down dissidence and revolution.

I was once of the idea I had to rebel and revolt against the system to make it better. Then I realised that in doing so, I am doing exactly what the system wants me to do and then crash me. Essentially othering the system, which is again, what the system wants me to do, to other something or someone and keep myself in separation.

Now what I choose to do is to detach my self from the system, ignore it and just do what is right in my heart, without trying to actively harm anyone else. I don't think I will change anything by fighting the system. I think, believe and in my inner subjective wisdom I actually know, I will change things, when I thank the system for bringing me up to my now, say goodbye to the old ways of the system, move on and start creating a new one, a more compassionate way of living, respecting and loving one another, in harmony with nature. And allow me to be honest, the system might be as "horrible" as it seems to be, but it has serve me really well, it has been also a blessing for me, so it would be very hypocritical of me to only judge the system without recognising all the good things I've personally received from it.

So I just buy/get my equipment, pop some beans, care and love my girls while they grow, listen to some Bob, enjoy life and admire the magic and miracle of life. I know I am not doing anything bad and if ever something happens to me, like go to jail or something, then maybe is an experience I am suppose to have. Even better! I get water, food and shelter for free and tons of time for me to read and meditate. Not that it will happen anyway. That is true freedom my friend.

For me it boils down to, thank the old ways, leave them in the past with compassion and gratitude and move on into a new Era of ManKind, where each of us chooses to act from our hearts respecting one another and free of judgement.

In any case, what You choose to do with your Free Will Brother, is up to You. And that is just perfect. To quote Snoop Dog "You do You Brother" and everything will be just fine.

Thank You for your time, energy and love. Many blessings!




Peace be with You dear Sister/Brother☮️☮️☮️
End all wars!!! 💚💚💚

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Posted by: @firetop95

I have always said I want to buy land be it a couple square ft or acres I don't care I want land because once I have that patch of grass morals become law not politic opinion and unless I say your not coming in simple,this country isnt for it's people but for the pound no loyalty no trust no heart just money hungry cnts that will stand and stomp on who ever to get to the top, 

In Scotland, it's a little different to England (and Wales & N.Ireland, i.d.k.), with no trespass, and right to roam.  At least in how it's meant to be, heh.

And as for the rest of the self-fulfilling defeatist prophecy verbiage in the replies here... nah.  Not affirming them strong and true in their wrong.  We can mend this and get them doing the right that's already written, just corrupted in interpretation and implementation.  Yes, like in we-the-undersigned's approach.  Progress has been made many times, by people persisting, insisting, on justice, fairness, goodness done right.  If there's a fly in the ointment, take it out, rather than just saying it's fine because the rest of the ointment helped.  No.  The fly poisons the whole lot.  

May seem fair enough for those of you yet to suffer a gang of thugs breaking into your home, tying you up, stealing the medicine you depend on to spare you immense suffering (and even save your life), threatening to imprison you for over a decade of being raped, and putting you in situations beyond your capacities to handle without severe worsening of many ailments, and maybe you never will, and maybe prison will be like a free holiday for you... that's not the case for many for whome the herb is medicine.  Sitting silent and complicit in perpetuating the wrong unchallenged, giving the totalitarianising encouragement to continue on to worse, is not viable.  So, it's not a matter of courage to speak to them to get them to stop their criminality.  It's simple necessity.

Thanks for the replies, the consideration, the different perspectives.

Cannabis is more than just ganja to make hash from.  Food, Fuel, Fibre, Medicine, and more.  The artificial distinction, the intentional imposition of restrictions as in prohibition (which does not work, just makes the good things bad and the bad things worse) is a breach of public services' duty of care.  Breaches of duty of care, as explained to me, are classed as intent, neglegence, or incompetence.  Incompetence is not criminal (though should likely result in loss of job).  Neglegence can be criminal.  Intentional breaches of duty of care are always criminal.  So to whatever level, prohibition and participating in deploying it is a breach of duty of care (and that's law, not mere statutory legality), and not just to the immediate individual involved, but wider, even to ecocide, and ... idk what would it be called... grand mass larsony?  idk, I'm not a lawyer.  That, and more.  As it drives us nearer ecocide.  Once informed, those complicit, cannot so easily claim incompetence (as politicians and other corrupt actors readily attempt appear as, since it's not criminal).  There are even supposed to be "anti-competitive laws" (statutes?), which for industries' interests to converge, and to implement prohibition, as has happened with cannabis, since it does so much, further emphasises the wrong here that harms us all.  And I do mean all, even those perpetrating and perpetuating prohibition, as the ecocidal bent caused by the suppression of cannabis deployment harms even they who artificially drive more business their way from eliminating the competition.  Cannabis is the original "emancipatory technology", even before the likes of Sitchlin's Decorticating Machine and other innovations that advanced its competitive edge over competing industries' products.  From the 1800s with those in the UK government invested in the opium industry peddling lies about cannabis to start getting it prohibited (I forget the name, ~ Howard Marks included it in one of his speaches), through to whaling, timber, tobacco and pharmaceutical interests joining in in early 1900s, famously Harry J Anslinger and Randolf William Hearst's propaganda campaign after the end of alcohol prohibition (in which the harms were too pronounced to allow to continue), then on to the so called "Drug War" (a "war" on people), each phase riddled with racism, classism (and worse(?)), this is a mere blip on the history of humanity and humankind's best friend, the cannabis plant (sorry dogs, cannabis never bit anyone's face off).  It harms the system.  It's a corruption that is not of the system.  It's a perversion, forced into the system, to the detriment of us all, including, to the detriment of the system, and even likely to the total collapse of the system, if not sooner by how credibility undermining it is of the system, or by the destruction of us all.  Cannabis is more than just something to smoke, "recreationally" or "medicinally".  We co-evolved with it.  Cannabis has been with us, as far back as every archaeological settlement, and presumably, nay, doubtless, even before that.  We are in symbiosis with it.  To attempt to deny us free access to it, is like to cut off a limb, or extract an organ unecessarily.  A successful prohibition (which cannot exist without even more monstrous dystopian surveilance police-state nightmares made real) inevitablises all our demise.  And since prohibition does not work, and attempts to make it work, only worsen the situation, what remains gets perverted in the pressures prohibition presents.  All our "hemp", can be grown in rich variety of cannabinoid profiles.  All our ganja can be our hemp.  We can have fluid rich diversity with no artificial distinctions polarising the varieties into a mere two tight corners.  Everybody can have access to cannabis, for all its purposes.  Or, we could keep using our power to reaffirm the power of those who've perverted it against all our interests, for their short-loop myopic greedy corruption.  May be better to keep using our power for what's good and true beyond this blip of scam and doom they attempt impose upon us all.  Cannabis, as humankind's best friend, the plant with a thousand uses, the king of "panacea".  From an alternative to graphene that can be used to make capacitator banks that spare the need for lithium and cobolt, and can be made into photovoltaic paints and fabrics, to a means to clean up the atmosphere at 7 times the rate that a pine forest can, what cannabis can do for the world far exceeds what pathetic little use we hide away with under prohibition.  It needs be unhidden, restored, back to as it was before this multi-generational terrific scam on us all.  When we've restored cannabis, we get it brought up to date with all these advances and more.  The abundance for everybody, benefits everybody.  No manufactured scarcity scams needed, nor even viable, after we got cannabis restored.  The way it had been all our lives so far, is not the way it's meant to be, nor was, for hundreds of thousands of years.  Even our great great grandparents knew no prohibition of cannabis.  It was just another, like jute or flax.  Or perhaps, it was more to them, like that of the holy annointing oil of christ.  "Kaneh Bosm" seems can only be cannabis, from the description.  Restoring cannabis, thus, not just all the things I've said here so far, but also... The return of Christ.  The return of Cannabis.

But that's probably too much for a letter to the police.  Both in length and how far outside their indoctrinated conceptions.  ;D



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