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Questions Light cycles

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Ok Frank's the GDP is in the shot glass soaking as we speak and the hammers been dropped on the monster 8 week indoor winter pre veg prior to it going out under the nuclear furnace.



What I'd like to know is at what part of sunrise/sunset do the plants essential wake up? Looking at my sunrise and sunset charts for the coming spring I can see I've got to wait until October before I pass 12/12 for veg cycle. As it will be coming out of an 18/6 veg closet into spring would it be wise to hold back on planting it outside so it's passed the 12/12 stage? I don't want it flowering and going back into veg if I can help it

"What's the charge officer, eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?"

BubbleHok BubbleHok July 5, 2022 8:32 am

The old school rule of thumb is plant on fathers day for a harvest around may, we used to start them indoors in august for outdoor planting in mid to late September and they would be monsters come harvest. That's in northern NSW though so give or take a few weeks depending where in aus you are, being your out west shoot for last week September/first week October and they will be sweet. 

Improper_Weed_Viking Improper_Weed_Viking Topic starter July 5, 2022 11:07 am

That's the rule of thumb I'm used too. Trying to stop thinking in the box because it won't be the usual pop dad's, pull mum's so I can remove the first 4 weeks for needing long light as its germinating. I'll have to get a bit more technical to find my answer though I think , I'm trying to find that sweet spot where she won't notice much negative  difference from going outside. 

BubbleHok BubbleHok July 5, 2022 12:34 pm

Are you planning on leaving them in pots? I know some guys will take them out most the day and then bring them in under lights as the sun drops away, that is a lot of moving around and a bit of a pita though. 

Improper_Weed_Viking Improper_Weed_Viking Topic starter July 6, 2022 5:16 pm

I'll have them in pots until mid October then they can go straight in the ground. While they're movable I'll take them out when I can 

Chickenlizard July 9, 2022 11:58 pm

You could try instead of 18/6 see what happens with a 14/10 or 15/9 see how they react under ya lights. But just remember to slowing introduced them to direct sunlight to start with. I also agree what @BubbleHok said also.  

Good luck 

Improper_Weed_Viking Improper_Weed_Viking Topic starter July 12, 2022 10:46 pm

Oh well guys we can scrap that plan. We all have a tail of woe when it comes to growing and I've just got my first one.

Seems as though the ganga gods are not having any of my negative chakras atm and the world turned AGAIN to deal me more misfortune.

The one day of the week where I'm gone for basically 30 odd hrs the owner pole out the front decided to drop it's second phase at around 9am just after everyone left for the morning cutting all power to the outlets and killing my grow lights. Wife comes home round 1 and freaks out, electrician arrives to diagnose power company issue, power get restored around 4 that afternoon....... No sweat right, it's only a couple of hours 🤷 that's shouldn't harm them.

Turns out in her fanatic attempt to find what was wrong she went out in the shed and switched all the power off to the grow closet. 7am yesterday morning I walked in and it was all gone. My northern minger auto just barely scrapped through. It just looks like a sad spinach plant hybrid now, but yeah 4x BCN critical XXL and the GDP all to far gone to survive.

BubbleHok BubbleHok July 13, 2022 6:32 am

Bro..... my heart sank when you said the pole dropped its phase.... then to have your hopes raised to then be dashed again is proper harsh.... I have had power dump out for a full day and they did fine but yeah 30 odd hours isnt a fun time for no light, plus the cold would have taken its toll. Sorry for your loss bro.... 


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