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Hey guys,

I'm doing my first mini pheno hunt where I will be taking some cuttings from 4-5 females and to prepare I wanted to get some advice on the best way for me to go about it.

I don't need to take too many clones as I wont be putting them straight into a grow I would be just needing to keep them around until I have enough time to test the phenos, decide what I want to keep and then the clones that I took would become the new mothers. I only plan on keeping one pheno but two at the very most.

I have a cheap propagator and a seedling heat mat and I have got some root cubes somewhere that are a little dried out.


My main questions are:

How many clones should I take for each pheno to be safe?

What size propagator would be best for that number of clones?

I need a low maintenance way of doing this as I do need to leave things in my grow for a couple of days at a time quiet often, would an aero-cloner be a better option? Basically I defiantly cant get up to the grow tent everyday to mist.

If theres a low maintenance way of doing this without an aero-cloner what approach should I take?


I've read up a fair bit on actually taking the clones so I feel ok with that, its just making sure I can keep them healthy/rooted until I get them into some soil.


Any tips/advice would be ace.

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Keeping the humidity high is key you might not need to spray every day if your clone dome is getting condensation build up the humidity is probs high enough rooting  powder/gel can help but not necessary and cut just below a node 


Hey man i use jiffy pellets for my cutting my propagator is around 20" long and 9" in height i use root it gel or Clonex i also  use a small cheap led fish tank light that's quite blue and a heat mat on a thermostat. always best to take more cutting than you need if it was me probably 4 to 5 off each plant i always have 99 to 100 % success lol and end up with millions of plants ! but its better to have them than have none make it and this might help if your not gonna monitor them on a daily basis i keep the humidity high with the vents closed for the first 3 to 4 days then start to nudge the lil vents open every other day i generally see roots in around 6 to 14 days 

i just took 4 Tutankhamun cuttings off my mates plant and and they are rooted in 6 days lol

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