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Questions Male or Hermie?


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Hey everyone! Hope your all doing well! 


I found 1 of my plants showing male parts at the end of week 14 from pop date. (4/20) so we could say at least 12 weeks veg. The cool thing is I topped all my plants about 4-5 weeks ago and I'm practicing cloning. The clone of that plant started showing male parts at the same time! pretty cool. Anyway I told myself at the beginning of this grow that if I got a male I would practice pollen chucking but I want to hold back if it's a Hermie.


So What do you all think? Also I haven't changed much recently and I would say general low stress events have dropped in the last 2 weeks. I'm getting ready to flip soon.

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20220728 050517 HDR
20220728 050255
20220728 050443
20220728 050449



They look male to me  buddy I'm guessing they were regular seeds if so I'd go for it If they were ment to be feminized i I'm not saying that it's a herm but it is pretty rare to get actual males(not Herms) from a feminized batch of seeds 

@Mr_bud I forgot to mention that! yeah they are Regulars. Thanks for the input, will defiantly give it shot!

Follow up, Naners!

20220729 173206
20220729 173132 Burst01

 How long do you all think I have before I need to worry about getting him out of the tent?


Also! I think I got this cloning thing down! Not so difficult after all!

20220729 173305
3 Answers

It's a BOY! yeah!!! They look like they may be getting too wet and not drying out enough, maybe. Just My thought's. Good luck with the pollen chucking, he looks good and healthy. 👍 

@woodi2 I defiantly need to work on my watering / Feed. I have been experimenting with a DIY watering system but I fucked up from the get go with water lines that where too large. Eventually I learned I needed to choke it back with valves and that led to low water pressure and kind of ruined the whole thing. Poor plants suffered  through my trial and error with inconsistent watering.

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This picture appears to show female calyxes. The stems are sunburned and the color is a bit off but the structures look correct.

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@monkeydo Good Catch! So that close up is from the "Mother" of the clone that is defiantly Male. Just saw his naners. So I took a closer look at the "Mother" and still no definite naners. Are these all Calyxes? Why are there so many clustered?

20220729 172853
20220729 172914



Those are male flowers. The female calyx don’t occur in clusters and are teardrop shaped with a little hair coming out of the end. If that was female, it’s now male.

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

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