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Questions Monster Cropping. How hard is it?

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Hey guys,


I have my first pheno hunt going on from my first regular seeds.

I took clones a couple of weeks ago and some have rooted now but a lot died. This was due to me making the propagator too humid and warm causing some mould and sagging stems and it staying that way for a few days.

Now I don’t have 3 of my phenos and they are all the ones I had the highest hopes for so I’m going to have to attempt cloning in flower (monster cropping).

I’m 2.5 weeks into flower so will take the cuts this week at some point but I’m unsure of the light cycle.

Are clones taken from flowering plants meant to be put on a 12/12 light cycle until they root? Or can I put the cuts straight into the propagation tent with my other cuttings? 

I don’t have a lot of room so if they have to be on 12/12 then I might have to find a space on the floor in my flower tent and make sure the lights shaded over the propagator or something so it’s not too intense.


Any pointers in general to make sure I get some successful clones at this stage would be so helpful 🙏


Thanks in advance 

2 Answers

I have a run finishing up now that I took clones from flower, let them root under 18-6 for about 10 days then flipped right back into flower.  It's a micro grow so I wanted them to be very small plants.   They didn't have any issues at all, but that is the extent of my experience here.  I would imagine that if you keep on 18/6 they will re-veg then you would want to take clones from that to grow later instead of flowering the actual re-veg plant. 

Hope this helps and good luck! 

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Yoshi Yoshi Topic starter May 18, 2022 9:45 am

Thanks man. Yeah I was wanting to get them to re-veg and then make some cuts from that like you were saying, I was just confused by some stuff I'd read online as it wasnt clear about the light cycle right after you take the cuts. I was thinking if I put them straight into 18/6 would this cause even more stress and make a successful clone less likely. But going straight to 18/6 is great as it can just sit in the prop tent with the other successful cuts 


it takes a bit of practice. If your dome has vents up top I leave one open. I take the dome off every day and wipe all the condensate out of the dome. They can be drier than you think  You just want a little bit of condensation on the dome not a lot

Yoshi Yoshi Topic starter May 18, 2022 9:49 am

Thanks man. Yeah this definitely seems to be the way to go for me now to. It was way to humid and I'm sure it was the issue. I actually just saw that in the corner of the tent I'd left a few random cuts left in water in solo cups, and one of my missing phenos looks like its sprouted a root and I didn't do shit all to these cuts, apart from leave them in water with no dome and its been about 30-45% rh so Im defiantly going drier next this time. 


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