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Questions Mosquito dunks.

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So I harvested all my flowering plants were the nematodes hadn’t had enough time to finish the gnats they had done a great job up till I killed the plants.

my veg plants I think the nematodes died from lack of water so obviously the gnats will try to make them there home.

how long should I soak 1 puck in 2 litres of water before it’s too much for them.

I added a pics to help. Thanks 

Mix Mix Topic starter March 10, 2022 2:53 pm


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I called them pucks I mean dunk 

monkeydo monkeydo March 10, 2022 3:31 pm

I generally mix a multi-day res and I just put the dunk in the res I'm feeding from and leave it till the res is empty. The dunk is moved from bucket to bucket and one usually gets me through an entire 2 plant run. There isn't an overdose level and they won't harm your plants. Stootie puts the dunk in water the night before he is going to use it I think. These are simple to use.

Mix Mix Topic starter March 10, 2022 4:00 pm

Sweet thanks 

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I fill my 2 litre jug with water and put the dunk in it, wait 24 hours, then I use it.  then I fill my jug up again, put the dunk back in and in 24 hours I do the same again, etc etc

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Mix Mix Topic starter March 10, 2022 5:53 pm

That’s exactly what I want to do. 
I was surprised they float at first still is anyways cheers bud 

they look simple & a final end to these blooming gnats there like armour ants 🐜 

Stootie Stootie March 10, 2022 8:44 pm

haha yea simple and effective. I cant remember right now but I think it usually takes about a week before they die off but then the grow's usually gnat free till the end. I try to handle the dunks with care because they start to crumble after a while, I have my kettle near where i mix my feed and there's been a few times iv ended up chewing on dunk crumbs because they look like coffee granules and have ended up in my cup 🤣 it's just like chewing a bit of cork.lol


I do same as Stootie, but I just soak the dunk in a cup of water for 24 hours then add that cup of water to my water/nutrients when I water.  

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Mix Mix Topic starter March 10, 2022 5:55 pm

Am surprised there so used I thought no one would know. Cheers bud 

Shonuff Shonuff March 10, 2022 6:25 pm

I learned of their effectiveness through Percy's about 3 months back and haven't had a fungus gnat since!  

Mix Mix Topic starter March 10, 2022 7:50 pm

That’s great to know. 
the nematodes eat loads before I let it get to dry for them & in soil it’s good to let a plant dry between waterings so these are just what I need I think. Thanks bud 


I have been using these also as above, but recently my grow shop has stocked the bits, same brand just a bag of crumbles instead of pucks... I have not tried as a foliar yet, just wondering if anyone else uses as foliar and has any advice for that.

Also, Im not sure of availability but Dr Zymes Eliminator has been good for me (as a foliar, soil surface spray, and knockdown) prior to watering in the BT from the dunks, its also great preventative for PM and works great with organics. 

Mix Mix Topic starter March 10, 2022 7:44 pm

Yeah these were a bit dry and not tightly packed. I just got them as a trail as they were the cheapest unless I wanted 26 unknown brand ones next time I will look to get another brand  ( there a good preventative by the sounds of it ) these 6 should last a while mind   

SouthSilly SouthSilly March 10, 2022 11:10 pm

They are decent!, they do last a while, I only used a quarter at a time ( and got a few uses out of it)... unfortunately when I ran out i didnt replace as I didnt have an issue, until I did. Might have to mount one in a glass box incase of emergency.

SouthSilly SouthSilly March 10, 2022 11:12 pm

as for the drying out, they should last for a loooong time as it contains the BT in spore form which lasts a bit less than forever


Shonuff Shonuff March 18, 2022 4:55 pm

I use a different form of BT (Kursaki) as a foliar spray for worms and caterpillars but the BT in Mosquito dunks (Israeliensis) I believe works better on the soil dwellers. 


Yep same as stootie if in veg as i am usually making a batch daily in flower i fill my res and throw a dunk in, usually sorts them out pretty quick. 

I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.

Posted by: @mix

how long should I soak 1 puck in 2 litres of water before it’s too much for them.

You will never reach a level that's dangerous for the plants or you. Most here let the dunk soak 24 hours and that seems to do the trick. Every time you set a bucket of water out to let the chlorine out-gas put the dunk in the water. Just move the dunk to the next bucket and repeat till chop

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I think it's usually about a week or something like that, they just slowly start dying off over time, it isn't an instant massacre unfortunately.lol I water my plants every day but I dont see it should make much difference if its every day or every 3rd day it will still probably take 1-2 weeks I would think 🙂 

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Mix Mix Topic starter March 22, 2022 9:01 pm
Topic starter


Ok makes sense.

hummm I gota transplant that will add more fresh soil wish I hadn’t killed the nematodes still there aren’t like 15 flying around my room anymore 😮

🤣I ended up dreaming about squashing them 


Is there a BT or dunk equivalent we can get over here at b&q or something? I know the pharmacy does lacto bacillus.

Nematodes are unreliable at times and dunks arent at my local grow shpps. 

monkeydo monkeydo March 23, 2022 1:33 pm

Any product that contains Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis will do the trick. That’s the active ingredient in the dunks or bits.

Mix Mix Topic starter March 23, 2022 2:32 pm

I got mine from Amazon uk 

Mix Mix Topic starter March 23, 2022 5:33 pm

Can I ask why you say nematodes can be unreliable at times with genuine interest 

Roycropper420 Roycropper420 March 23, 2022 5:41 pm

Yeah im going ing to buy some BTI for a good back up in the Arsenal too as they can sit in the cupboard.

As for Nematodes @Mix, its more down to them being stored for too long or improper and the little fellas die off.  

Mix Mix Topic starter March 23, 2022 5:47 pm

Thanks bud yeah there easy to kill.


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