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Hi all

I always panic when it comes to deciding whether to harvest. I'm in week 8 and was hoping to chop at the weekend but one of the girls is finishing faster than the other. 

I also found some nanners and a few baby seeds in the further along one. Shall I just chop at the weekend?

They're Bongo bulk Bruce Banner fem photos under a Mars TS2000 in Coco with Flora triple nutes.


PXL 20220823 222149144
PXL 20220823 222135971
PXL 20220823 222200735





Macky Macky August 24, 2022 12:20 am

Looks very close to being done TBF< I would be scared with finding some baby seeds too lol. Its only a few days away mate, and its gonna take some time to harvest all that. I would leave it to the weekend really. But then again, its only a few days in it, if you have time, and are majorly concerned you could harvest too. Completely up to you mate, its your grow. But if I had the time I would harvest ASAP, but there is nothing wrong with waiting to the weekend too. Hope this helps man 

monkeydo monkeydo August 24, 2022 2:05 pm

Finding ‘nanners this late isn’t that unusual, happens more than you would think, and those late ones won’t produce any seed because there’s not enough time left. The waiting game is tough but in the end it’s your choice when to chop.

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