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Questions [Solved] pH fluctuations


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So normally in my grows my pH will gradually drift up but at some point or another in the grow it will start do drift down very quickly my pH pen is calibrated what causes this is just the plant uptaking nutrients differently can't put my finger on it

Just for an example 

Most the time pH is 5.7 on the Friday by Sunday it's 6 

This week Friday 5.7 Sunday 5 

PS it's definitely not the pH pen recalibrated and tested on my tap water which comes out at a 6.8 and it's reading that correctly one of my plants roots has grown in to the Res I wonder if this could have anything todo with it 🤔 has anyone else experienced this or know what's happening

Grow medium clay pebbles

In a Wilma drip system 

Nutrients added just a+b bloom of my nutrients at the moment 

2 Answers

Most likely your plants are eating differently now. Early on they eat and drink a lot more but sometime in mid flower the pattern changes and the plant eats and drinks differently. They also start pumping out more root exudates (waste) that can influence the ph. This ph change could be telling you that she is ready for a change in nutrient strength or composition. Just curious, have you checked the EC when your ph is crashing?

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Its at 1.2 however what you said about the roots dumping stuff one of the plants roots has actually grown in to the res and is making its self at home maybe that could be the reason why it happened the last grow aswell all 4 of them done it but only the one this time that could definitely explain it though 

Cut the roots. Or I put an underwater flume across the the 3" but they still try to get through. just snip and push them over. I have the 8 gal buckets with 3" pipe.


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