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Hey grow bros I have 4 beautiful pineapple express plants from barney's farm and I just switched to flower and it got me wondering. On one of the podcast I heard the crew talking about turps evaporating and that pineapple turp start to evaporate at 55°F. So does that man I should keep my tent as close to 55 as possible threw the whole flower or just the last couple weeks or do they just start to evaporatethere but can still have them at higher temps? 55 just seems so cold! Any knowledge and advice us really appreciated. Thanks everyine

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I have only grown pineapple express once, and I love the strain.  I just cracked open my last jar that was harvested 1 year ago (Feb, 2023) and she still has a noticeable and subtle pineapple scent to her, sort of like a Sprite or Fresca soft drink (not sure how popular these are outside of the US). I let her bloom and I harvested her in mid 70's (F) temps, and she was dried and cured in a cool basement that stayed around 65F throughout the dry and cure.  The jars are also stored in the dark in the same cool basement that never gets much above 75F, even in the heat of summer, and mine still have that noticeable pineapple scent.  I am just not sure about the 55 comment, but would not think that you could finish flower at those low temps.  I could see where keeping harvested buds low would be helpful, but as mentioned above, mine typically have stayed around 60-70F and she still smells great. Hope that helps!

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doobnoob Topic starter February 9, 2024 2:40 am

@im_sparky thank you sir I figure most people tht are growing pineapple strains are not keeping it at 55 so I was guessing I would b ok but if it has to be done, I'll just have to bundle up haha i have only ever had what "my guy" says is pineapple and it wasnt much different then everything else he sells me. I'm gonna change my screen name to spongebob cuase I wanna live in a pineapple haha. Luckily my tent has stayed pretty steady at 72-76 and humidity has stayed at about 55 besides a few spikes of 80 after watering and my basement also stays right around the same as yours. So I'm just going to copy cat you haha. As always sparky Thank you for your time


Don't forget while the plant is alive it is still producing terps as well as evaporating them off, the conditions after harvest and during cure would be more important time to closely control the temperature/humidity as that's when you can lose the terps you have. 

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doobnoob Topic starter February 9, 2024 4:43 pm

@phil-the-canopy that makes alot of since. I wasn't really thinking of it that way, i was thinking once they are gone they are gone. I can definitely control the drying Temps alot easier than I can control my tent temp. So I should just do like most of the panel says, which is maybe try to keep Temps lower the last week or 2 and then b sure to keep it around 60°F for drying and curing. Thank you

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