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Suggestion Plants are too big


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Hi I am growing some amazing Gorilla Glue that is almost to the top of my spider farmer grow tent 

what do I do it's only week 8 bear in mind these are autoflowering so what else do you need to know to solve this 

also what happened to the chat

If the stems haven't hardened too much just tie them down best you can

Pictures of the problem will help us help you better man


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I would remove the muckle exhaust fan outside the tent and add ducting to the other side of it and hang the ducting back in the tent and get the light up to the top of the tent ✌️


Hi mate, yeah a few pictures would help. Your options are limited tho,

  • Either raise the light (sounds like you can't tho),
  • Bend the plant back down (almost impossible to do without breaking a stem if the plant is mature) 
  • Move the whole setup to an area with more height
  • Top the plant and hope for the best... 

Cant think of any more options right now🤔

Chat got removed because it kept making the site go slow or crash. Think there's a new one being developed.🤛

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IMG 0311
IMG 0312
IMG 0313
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check it out please criticise me 


Agreed @happy1976
I moved my exhaust fan to the outside of my tent and gained an extra 7-8 inches.

Exhaust fan

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