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Question Possible overwater of a seedling, should I drop humidy to help dry the soil out?


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Its been 3 days since I watered her and the top of the soil was dry this morning.  I watered all 3 seedlings till I had a little bit of runoff out of my drain holes.  Come home from work 12 hrs later and shes all droopy, the other 2 look nice and healthy.  Shes stretched a bit due to her sprouting a day before I had my tent fully setup, so she was looking for the sun in my window. 

Do I just let her be or should I drop the tent humidly some, currently at 65%--temp 75F, to help draw some of the moisture out of the soil.

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Those pots look very shallow mate so the medium will dry out very quickly, especially in this heat. I would water it for sure. 

Transplant them into deep pots if that's possible, the roots like to dig deep 🙂 

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Ohhh ok, I though I read somewhere to leave them in the solo cups for the first 2 weeks or so, or until the leave are big enough to reach the edge of the cup.  Since i just watered them, should I wet the new soil in the 3gal pots I'll be transplanting them in?  Or would it be best to wait a day or two

As a rule of thumb you never want to transplant into completely dry soil. I agree with Macky that you should switch over to a bigger pot. Plants usually bounce back very quick from overwatering. But in my experience over watering shows up in plants as rigid stems with droopy leaves and underwatering shows up as droopy leaves and droopy stems...the plants use water to help their skeleton stay rigid however when the leaves take in too much it basically weighs them down. Overwatering becomes a real problem when the fungus that causes root rot starts growing. 
also side note if you are afraid of overwatering get yourself a fabric pots this allows more air exchange and it won’t hold extra water.

Thanks for the info buddy, they were transplanted and are looking beautiful!  I'll update my grow diary in the next day or two

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