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Hey what’s up guys I had an earlier discussion with you guys on one of my plants looking droopy and sick looking and thought is was possibly ph or humidity problem but not I have discovered a weird white fuzz on my roots of the plant. I’m running a airoponics/ dwc system and I think the mister got clogged so the area were the roots are not in the water has gotten the fuzz. How should I fix this problem? I’m thinking to scratch the misters and raise the water level to the net pots and just go with dwc only. Oh yea I’m 2.5 weeks into flowering

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Just wash the roots and make a clean res mate, they will be fine. I cant see much wrong with those roots. You can add some H202 to the res to help keep it clean too, but a rinse should fix the issue

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@macky ok thank you so much👍🏻  I’m working on installing a 42 gallon reservoir with the float valve to keep my 5 gallon Reservoir topped off because I have to leave the US for a week to fly to Germany and I’m hoping everything will stay good for a week PPMs /PH everything. What’s your thoughts on that

@macky do you know anyone that is doing fogaponics with growing cannabis. Thinking of trying to put foggers in each bucket and maybe adding a water chiller to the Reservoir


Can you get a close up of the white fuzz? Cant see too much. Its possibly the fact that where no actual water was hitting the roots they produced air roots which seek out moisture from the humidity in the air around the rootzone or the mist from the droplets. 

Aeroponic, rdwc, dwc, soil etc all produce different types of roots.


Just scanned it again, defo air roots fuzz, looks good, the brown tinge is probably from nutes colours, roots execluator from house and garden is expensive but a fantastic root innoculant and repairer, not saying you need it, but it's good to innoculate the roots in dwc.


Also get a bluelab guardian connect, view water temps ph and ec in rdwc bucket over wifi miles away.


It looks like new roots forming. Their just whiter than the rest. Yes, air roots, as mentioned.  Good luck.             peace

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