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Questions Proper lollipopping technique?

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Hi, I have a scrog grow going, and I'm at day 15 of flowering and working on lollipopping my plants.  I have a few spots where there are nodes on some major branches that have branches (I'll call them subbranches for lack of a better term) that reach into the top of the canopy, so have nice buds forming at the top, but the subbranches also have nodes on those branches with bud sites that are too low down to get adequate light.  

Should I cut the subbranches at the base and sacrifice the bud sites up high in the canopy, or should I just cut off the low bud sites (and sub-subbranches) on the subbranches?

If it matters, I have a HLG 300L Rspec light in a 2 foot by 4 foot (.6 m x 1.2 m) tent.



Macky Macky December 8, 2023 3:35 pm

@lucky-larue Lets see some pics bro 😉 

Pretty much, anything under the scrog net needs to go..... but need to see pics first really. 

Check this video of my scrog out:

Lucky Larue Lucky Larue Topic starter December 8, 2023 4:17 pm

@Macky Thanks. I circled two examples of the type of branches I'm talking about in a screenshot from your video.  Presumably, the circled branches were not removed because they reach the top of the canopy.  However, I can't tell if the circled branches had nodes with bud sites and small branches coming off of them below the scrog that were cut off, or whether any sub branches that had nodes and bud sites below the canopy were removed completely.

Maybe the best way to ask the question is whether I should "shave" the bud sites below the scrog off of branches like the circled branches, or should I just cut them off at the base.

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 10.47.46 AM


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Yeah I'd wait a while longer, some of the "also ran" might catch up.

Lousy Tourist


If above the scrog has 2-3 nodes or more, keep it, if it has less, remove it Smile I hope that helps. It is hard finding the right ones to keep and which to get rid of. After the lolly popping, if the canopy is still a bit too crowded, you can always remove more : ) Just try and get it all done in one sitting so you don't have to stress the plant out on numerous days. 

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Lucky Larue Lucky Larue Topic starter December 8, 2023 10:43 pm

@macky Got it.  Thanks.  Very helpful.  Unfortunately, I'll have to do a bit more pruning another day.


Posted by: @lucky-larue

Hi, I have a scrog grow going, and I'm at day 15 of flowering

You might be OK but 15 days might be a little early. I like to go 20 after flip to be sure. If you lollipop too soon your plant will stretch like a monster. Good luck, I hope it works out 

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Lucky Larue Lucky Larue Topic starter December 8, 2023 10:42 pm

@monkeydo Oops.  Too late.  I already started with the ones I could tell were too low yesterday.  I hope they don't get too big.

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