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Question Seeds in Autos


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I have found seeds in my Auto flower...  will they be auto's too ? no fucking clue. 

Balls but again this is from way low down , colas are clear nothing , larf haha bingo an auto seed f my life 😄

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what a bastard

Smokes nice still 🤣 😆 

6 Answers

In my experience all those seeds also came out auto too and tend to do the same thing .  not the worst thing in my opinion if it’s only a couple fluffy buds down the bottom🤙



I got a handful of popcorn bud seeds in my last run of Herijuanas. I wanted to see how amber I could get the trichs and by the time I'd achieved 50/50 cloudy to amber there were seeds appearing on the lower growth. 

I decided to pop the seeds and out of about 10, four popped and of those four two were female. They went on to grow super strong, budded well, grew brilliantly and showed no Hermie traits at all, and are about to be harvested next weekend! 

I heard on the HOHG podcast someone say a few super rare phenos have been found as bag seed in the past, I forget the exact details tho... 

Remember kids, if someone offers you drugs...
Say thank you.
Drugs are expensive!

What did you think of the Herijuana, is it as super couch locking and lasting 4-6 hours like claimed? 

@JSH1973 Mate it's fucking awesome, without doubt one of the strongest smokes I've ever had. Tastes incredible but you know it's going to hit you like a train, and Yeap it lasts a good long time🤛

Excellent to hear, I'll be starting some feminised Herijuana very soon alongside my Black Lebanon project, just waiting for the product tester seeds for that to arrive. 


Was it pollinated by a male or did it hermie ?

If male, then all good, if hermie, 50/50

must of hermied.   not sure had 3 plants now with seeds. 

Hermies 'can' produce some real nice plants but you never know what your going to get...3 plants is a bit of a coincidence though...

A lot of seeds of just a few ?

just few so far. still drying though so not tested all of it

If you have a few on different plants, they're either end of life attempts to continue with progeny or you have environment issues, Autos so not light leaks...are they 'well done' like passed their breeders estimates by a lot ?

forgot to put dates down so no clue on dates.

A possibility of too long then so they decided to try and do their thing to carry on living, lol

Survivor seeds on lower bud sights do happen , its quiet common but most run larf , or bum fluff buds , popcorn bud into extract and go unnoticed to most and pass off as a hard calyx , no  need to panic billy 😉 Fist Bump  


If it was a hermie and you decide to plant them seeds it's likely that about half of them seeds will do the same but at the same time you might get something nice if I was you and do decide to run them I'd put them in a separate tent just to be sure but yes they will be autoflowers and feminised 

Posted by: @leo-stile

I heard on the HOHG podcast someone say a few super rare phenos have been found as bag seed in the past, I forget the exact details

Famous strain from bagseed: Chemdawg re originally Chemdog

Allegedly the seed came from weed that was called Dogbud, later nicknamed Chemweed. 

The weed had 13 seeds in it. The first 4 were popped:

One was male and discarded.

The 3 females were dubbed Chem Dog (which is now known as Chem 91), Chem Dog A (now Chem's Sister) and Chem Dog B.

The 91 was the best and went on to become parents to many strains, most notably Sour Diesel and OG kush.

Love a bit of strain history 😉

source: Danny Danko 

ps but what happened to the other 9 seeds i wanna know???!!!!

Time to pop some more beans 😗

Nice one @chillbert🤛 I knew there was a good back story out there somewhere ☺️

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Thanks.. i will eat any seeds i have. rather take clones or buy fem's then take a chance Smile

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