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Sick Plant Senescence or sick? Ready to harvest?


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Hello; 1st time grower.

Here is my outdoor white widow.

The leaves are very yellow and a lot of them are dead. But the buds seem to be very healthy. They are fattening; they smell heavenly; they are sticky.
WOuld you say it's senescence or there is an issue here? It seem very yellow.

Also; as far as

you can see on the pictures; is it ready to harvest? I plan to cut in 2 or 3 days. Let me know your opinion.

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Thank you. ♥


Think it's just comeing to the end naturally , but not a outdoor grower 👍 

1 Answer

yer man looking good, they yellow up near the end of thier lives Smile But get a close up check of the trichomes if you can. They will tell you if its ready:

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