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Questions [Completed] SHIT SHIT SHIT

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Well my grow had been going really well until I just saw something in my tent and Im pretty sure I have a hermi. Im pretty certain but I've got some pics below.

Do I cut and kill the whole plant or just take off the affected areas? Im guessing its not worth the risk and just chop it?

So gutted

IMG 7103
IMG 7102
IMG 7100
IMG 7101
IMG 7099



5 Answers

i had one recently ... pollen sacs at every node came out within about 2 days after previously having just set flower.. was a really devent plant too structure wise at least! 

i chopped mine as there were just too many 'balls' everywhere... if you only have a few u could try keeping removing them and see if they stop .. this would be at a risk to any other plants you have there being pollinated too though.. 

has it been exposed to any stressors recently ? light leak / late topping / nutes too high .. i expect it is genetics underlying the issue but sometimes these type of stressors flip 'that' switch in the plant

if u have others, i would chop, if its your only one depends how bad the herming is ... thats my 2p worth 

good luck moving forward bro

Time to pop some more beans 😗


Personally I'd cull it, but if you keep on top of it you can nurse it though.

Probably just as chillbert said, it's a recesive genetic trait. 

If your other plants are fine, then I'd say it wasn't a factor of grower error/environmental. 

Don't be hard on yourself, happens to the best of us bro. 

What strain is it? 



in Two of the pics the sacks looks ready to open. Can’t add much more than you already got tbh 

if it was me & there was others I’d isolate it or cut it still that’s really your choice.



It's a fucker mate that's for sure. I've been in this situation before, I removed the balls as often as I found them, they stopped coming back eventually and I ended up with some good bud. Bit seedy but smokeable. 

Best of luck dude. 

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Thanks guys,

I went to panic stations pretty quick and was going to cut it but spoke to some mates and after the comments here Im going to watch he/she for a few days and see how it goes. Im looking for hash from this plant not flower so hopefully that should make it slightly better?

On closer inspection it was all the newest growth that had herm'd, mostly on what would be larfy small buds, so I've basically lollipoped it and got rid of anything that resembled a male flower and all tiny newer flowers. Some of the pollen sacks had defiantly opened but not loads. 

The strain is Garlic Sherbert from In House Genetics, I have another in the tent and thats fine and I've been over the other two and they seem fine to.

The only factor I can think of is that I put an additional rad in for the cold nearly two weeks ago and when I went away for a few days I saw on the night cam that the red rad light was showing and the tape had come off it. This was literally pointed in the direction of only this plant. 


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