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Questions Should i suplement my nutrients with Calmag?

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If i am using a 2 or 3 part nutrient line do i still need Calmag supplement?

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If you are growing in coco most definitely as the Cal/Mag is critical to chemically balance the coco. Without the Cal/Mag you will see deficiencies rather quickly in coco. Also, in general it’s a very good nutrient to have in your arsenal especially if you run led lights no matter what media you are running. LEDs are hard on cannabis and enough Cal/Mag helps them cope with some of that stress and the harder you push them the more help they need. Some soil growers never use cal/mag because their mix is built with enough slow release material to satisfy the plant so it is definitely possible to build a soil that does not need it. So… in a properly built soil you probably will be OK but in all other media you will need cal/mag.

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