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Hi. I'm hoping to try my hand at growing my first cannabis at home in my flat. I won't have much space or equipment, so would like plants that are pretty undemanding, discrete and small.

Are there any particular strains you could recommend to a beginner that fit the bill, ways of keeping them small or indeed strains to avoid ? Thank you for your help !

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Yes, I do like my micro grows. Mine are a bit different in that I use coco as a media and a constant slow drip feed. The end result is much larger buds in a very small container.

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The mugs and can yield just under an ounce so far and the remote control oddball grow gave over 1.5 ounces.This method does require you to keep the coco wet at all times, hence the drip feed so the TempleGrower method is less effort but mine is greater yield. I’m experimenting with growing in a coffee can right now to see if the yield is better but if I was wanting to hit a decent yield with a small container in a micro run I’d use 1 gallon pots as it would be easier on the plants and probably easier on you too.


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Micro grows FTW! Vivosun 36"x32"x20" tent, SF1000/TS1000/Migro ARAY2, 4" fan/filter and you're laughing.. 

Avoid the lanky long flowering cuts.. the traditional 'sativas'. I've run Purple GodBud, Strawberry Cough, and a bunch of Romulan crosses with great success. As well, these are photos put right under 12/12 (see the vid), but I know @monkeydo runs autos in cups with excellent results as well.

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