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Sick Plant [Completed] Very green and Sad

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I think it’s watering time but they are really green two of them are really dark. I have no idea what I have done nor know what to do to save them. They don’t look happy anymore

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Shirley boi Shirley boi March 2, 2022 8:17 pm

Its not nice seeing them wither n droop is it 😕 its like theyre our babies lol 

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Hey they go like that hun. Theyre in flowering so they r going to suck the life out of everything its been storing. The colour is really good its meant to be dark until near the end when theyve used up everything. Im no expert but to me the colour is perfect 

One life, live it, smoke on !!!


Hey Misher, the color looks fairly good, one or two seem to be a little darker than the rest but that's no huge sign for concern, the darker color can be a number of things from phenoic expression to an excess of nitrogen in the soil, however they look ok on that front. The wilting could be a few things, you mentioned you were due to give them their feed today? so i think we spoke about this over on your diary, it is really quite normal for a plant to both wither from excess water and too little water, in this case i would say its the latter. As she moves into flower her demand for feed will increase and can ramp up very quickly, usually you will find depending on your pot size and environmental factors that you may need to water once a week in the veg cycle, but after those lights flip and you start moving into stretch the plant will use a massive amount of resources to stretch out and develop those bud sites, in turn it will suck the soil dry a lot quicker than in veg. Just a light feed with some added PK and keep an eye on how quickly that soil dries out, the girls should come round quickly usually within a few hours they will perk back up after the feed. This is the part of the grow where feed quantities can ramp up very quickly so keeping an eye on the soils dry out time is essential for keeping them happy. Thankfully it looks like the very start of any issues. A good feed and keep an eye on them, i will also mention that at this stage you will also be wanting to dial down any heavy nitrogen input, the plant still needs nitrogen however those plants look to have plenty stored and could probably benefit from a slightly lighter dose from here out. It is all about your PK from here. Im sure one of the soil guys may have a different viewpoint but to me it looks more like a dry out wilt than anything more sinister, although it can be a little alarming the first time you see this happen they really arent in bad shape at all and should perk back up for you.

@twisted any input on this one? I know you mainly run no till but you run more soil more often than me, figured you may have a different theory lol. 

I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.

twisted1 twisted1 March 3, 2022 11:02 am

I agree with Bubblehok.  looks like they are thirsty.  normally i water about every 2-3 days in veg but once they go into flower they will drink and eat more and will need to be watered every 1-2 days then around mid flower they will want watered daily ( this is in my grow ) then towards the end of flower they will slow down on drinking again.  Just check the soil by sticking your finger in the top inch or 2 if it feels dry water if not wait a day.

they will wilt if too dry or overly wet. They look good though you are doing a fine job with them.



Hey @Misher, I see some nice red leaf stems that tells me they're getting enough light. So that means it's intense and that could be stressing them out. They will darken because of intense light just like a sunburn. So try raising your light some and see if they respond. Make sure you have real good ventilation blowing on they and over them to help remove the heat from the light. I don't know what your temps are but if their closed up a lot, let them breath. They may have gotten hot the last three days, I'd let them air out some.

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Thank you all so much for your help. I sure hope I did ok today.  Going to post in my book.. thanks once again



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