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So winters still here and the water straight out the taps cold.

if am at the end of flowering I always let it sit however if am in veg or 1/2 of flowering time I might forget and end up using cold water from the tap 

what’s too cold that it actually shocks the plant 

WoodI2 WoodI2 January 16, 2022 8:26 pm

Don't know @Mix but I would GUESS about a ten to twelve degrees F, 5.5/7.5c, below your ambient temp would be ok. Colder than that and you might get their attention. Mother nature sure don't care when she rains down that cold ass rain, but their roots are insulated in warm soil. So sorry but I don't know. They do take a lot of abuse though. 

65F, 18c is getting too cold for proper growth, so I've read. My water comes out at 55F/12C, so I have to warm mine before I use it. Fyi, when your water temps goes up so does your EC. Good luck man, hope you like your new meter. 😉   

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When I have to fill up a big bucket with water from hose outside it is very cold, to get it warmed up quickly I'll boil a kettle or two of water and add to it.  Usually brings it right to perfect!

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