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I am currently looking for a new means of purifying my water source.

Eventually I'm looking to collect rain water but currently am looking for something smaller.

I was learning more towards a smaller (not bank breaking) distiller as I didn't want to have waste water from an RO system.

Mainly this thread was started to gather recommendations as to what would be a quality product.  They all are starting to look the same to me lol. Any help is appreciated.

Note: I'm not opposed to using tap and my city uses a lake as it water source but I don't trust the pipes in my home too much. If there is a gravity fed system or another tap filtration please leave it below.

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Use tap water and buy the eco thrive neutraliser, think £10 for a little bottle get you through a grow easy enough, only need 1 drop to 1L of water, done my water wonders plants seem to love it was very worried about it at first but had no other solution at the time, very happy with it, i even got myself a rain collector that full now, but because the plants enjoying it so much im not obligated to use the rainwater atm and mix things up, potentially will try on the next grow and compare the rain water to tap water /naturalised, can see the naturalised water being safer then rain water in long run though

i do try to airstone my water too and leave it uncapped for 24hrs as well applying the neutraliser

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Unless your water is really bad RO filtration is going to strip most if not all of the impurities out, leaving you with a very light ec reading if it even registers. Rain water will be closest but still contain impurities etc. I live rural so we have 2 massive collection tanks that are fed from 3 rooftop catchments on the property. It then runs to the house via a pump and charcoal filter. The only issue I come across is the pH. It can be way out of wack but usually sits around the 5.5-7.0ph. I have had it come out at 7.4 and at 4 depending on if we have had a lot of rain recently. I don't worry about filtering that water at all I just add my nutrients and then pH to the correct levels. You can always fill containers with your tap waterand let them sit in the sun open so the chlorine can evaporate and adjust your ec depending on what's left in the water after it has sat for a day. Really depends on what you are trying to achieve I suppose. 

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