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Sick Plant [Solved] Weak seedlings


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Hi everyone, just looking for some tips on strengthening my seedlings stems? 

As you can see in these pictures two of my seedlings have stretched and are now flopping over due to air movement and water on leaves.

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They may be stretching for the light buddy , dropping it should help 👍 

4 Answers

Hi good luck with these! I have a very weak fan and at the start i used that and i found it strenghted the stem alot! I had a chopstick and tie around to hold it in place but enough room to still move from the breeze, after a few days i was able to remove the string and than later the stick. They will be great, also my other one i had a lot closer to the light so its stem was tiny. Hope you find you're solution Thumbs Up  

Whoever said the best things in life are free, obviously was a member of HOHG🌱


Hi @southwestsmoker
I think Woolie's spot on, they look like their reaching for light. What light are you using and how far from them do you have it currently?

Dig a little hole, plant a little seed, wait a little while, smoke a little weed!

A little bit of both is probably best. Move the light closer and provide a light breeze to let the seedlings move just a little and that will take care of this. In a few days they should be grand.

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Thankyou everyone for your help! 

@Mr.kryton it’s a spider farmer sf1000 on about 50% power and I’ve moved it down to 2feet about seedlings.

Thanks gromies 👍🏼💚



I'm running a Freelicht FL1000 for my seedlings, it's no Spider Farmer but it's OK..LOL
For mine, I've found that about 40% at ~8-10 inches from the tops keeps the stretch well under control. You'll get it dialed in 😉

Dig a little hole, plant a little seed, wait a little while, smoke a little weed!

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