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Questions [Solved] Wet trim & drying with a drying rack


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Morning all, I’m approaching this phase of the grow.

I set up a drying tent with a hanging rack (or whatever they are called), and I plan on wet trimming. The mesh baskets are a woven nylon of something similar.

I have an extraction fan (AC Infinity), and a small fan at the bottom of the tent, so there should be decent air movement.

Do I need to rotate the buds periodically???   And if so, how often ?


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I rotate mine daily for the first 3 days.  After that they will hold their shape pretty well and their is no need to keep doing it.   Hope it helps! 

3 Answers

No you don't need to rotate at all just try not to stack buds on buds. You want a slow dry. Have air moving about the tent but not directly on them.  Keep light off to and make sure the tent is not to hot.  


Rotate the buds every day until they firm up to prevent any flat spots, usually they will be ok to leave alone by about day 8-9 if your drying conditions are in the sweet spot. I usually hang my buds on a clothes rack and any small larfy stuff goes into a rack, that way the bigger "top shelf" buds maintain their form and I only use larf for extracts so if they get a flat spot I'm not overly worried about it. 

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It’s personal choice really but you will find that the racks make one side of your buds flat. I don’t use a rack anymore myself as I found they also tend to dry the buds at different rates in a tent but perhaps that’s simply a failure in how I used mine.

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