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Questions What am i doing wrong?


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What am I doing wrong here?......These plants have been the same size for over 6 weeks...I'm using a QB, I'm leaving them under the QB for 12-16 hrs a day. I'm feeding them water infused w/ a nitrogeon powder, but they don't seem healthy or progress at all.....the only thing is OUT OF MY CONTROL is the humidity of where I live....Is my soil the problem, is humidity the problem?   I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong....please feel free to educate me on what I'm doing wrong....Thanks you guys....


Thanks very much for your response, I sincerely appreciate it......your answer demonstrates what a novice that I am in regards to an INDOOR grow....    back when I lived in Oregon, I grew 7 footers OUTDOORS every year w/ no problem at all ( see the photos )....just planted and watered and they did their thing w/ very little expertise on my part...but in terms of an indoor grow, I apparently have a lot to learn....I HAVE NOT checked the PH of the water that I'm using, I planted them in a standard potting mix, and I simply buy a generic nitrogeon that is sold locally......perhaps I need to get my hands on a bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forest, and find some PH sticks to test my water. Also what type of nutrients would you suggest that I try to find to fertilize my plants.....once again, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions

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They appear to be in a nutrient lockout situation. What kind of soil are they planted in and what is the “nitrogen powder” you are using? Have you checked the ph of the water you are using? Any idea of the EC of the water with the fertilizer? The more information you give us the better we can help you.

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