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Questions What Time of the day does everyone water/Feed?

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Hey everyone just wanted to see what everyone’s input on when do they Feed/Water there plants. I’ve always grown my Cannabis outside in a cold Frame Greenhouse and watered my plants At Dawn Mostly to avoid mold and other nasty stuff that might grow on wet soil overnight. Also it feels right to watering and feeding in the morning so the plant has what it needs for the day. Now that I’ve ventured into indoor growing I’m curious if That works the same or am I all fuck up. Bongin  

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WoodI2 WoodI2 March 7, 2022 2:59 am

Man, my stuff is different but on these photo's I've been doing all my water adding and nutz adding is at night before lights out. Don't know why, but I think I like it and the plants seem to do better with it IMO. I could be wrong but it seems that feeding and watering them at night helps the process, so when lights come on their ready to go. It seems like if I feed water them at lights On they have a game plan already and I mess it up with feeding them. Puts them into a delay for a second, but that me and I'm in hydro so that's that. Don't know boss, at least your feeding them!! 🤣 

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best case: water at lights on or before... that way the plants have the water they need to last through the day when they do much of their growth and work and when they need water the most.

you can also do it night before like woodi no issues.. work it to your convenience but be consistent 

water consistently whichever way / whenever  ..  plants like consistency so they know what their environment does they can quickly and best adapt themselves to it

happy growing (and watering)


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I don’t have the experience to give a valid answer, but I did listen to an interview yesterday with Dr. Bruce Bugbee, he said their research shows the plant to be the most active during the first hours of the day (or lights on). So I think feeding at the beginning of the light cycle would be better. That way the plant has what it needs right before it gets busy.

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I do it the complete opposite of Woodi, I also dont know why 😆  I water/feed my plants at lights on, maybe about half a litre and then i give them some more in 6 hours ish and again a few hours before lights out, I feed them just over 1 Litre from morning to night. im only using 15L pots, that dont have enough soil in them.lol

I just thought they might not be drinking much when the lights were out but I really dont have a clue. 👍 

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im a morning waterer and agree with most of the other growers. 👍 

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I like to water 2-4 hours after the lights turn on.  My seedlings are under the light 24/7 for the first 2 weeks.  My preference is to water when I get home from work.

Thanks for asking.

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I try to water when the lights turn on.   Doesn't always work out that way.


First thing in the morning for me. It’s a regular routine, get the coffee started and tend the tents. By the time the plants are fed the coffee is ready. Because I’m in coco I’ll add a second watering cycle midway through the day once they in full flower.

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I'm doing a 12/12 micro grow from seed I water in the morning an hour before lights come on,I may be doing it wrong as I'm no pro but it seems to drink it dry time lights go of 

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I water once an hour around the clock.


I feed at lights out well just before so when the lights go off she has plenty of time to soak it up ready to take on the next day and then by the time it comes to lights out again she's dry mabey the day after at the very latest


so is it just before lights on or just after the lights come on. Bruce sez just after so that’s what I do.



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I water a few times a day when I don't hand water (coco/perlite) Usally in 30mins after lights on and an hour or two before lights off. Sometimes up to four times a day all depends


Didn't mean to vote didn't know what the icon was I'm baked like a Mofo lol,hope you find what works best for you and your plants keep it Poppin people


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