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Questions What to do with a plant that re veges?

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Hey guys, I have a couple of questions about this plant that has decided to re veg itself. I started this wedding cake inside and planted it outside once the days got long enough at the start of summer. (Australia) It went straight into flower and just grew as one main cola. Not the plan but it was going well and it really thickened up. Unfortunately, I have noticed in the last week or so that it has started growing branches and weird single finger leaves. 

Do I continue to let it grow from here? Ive never had a plant reveg before.

What happens with the flower that is already there? do I need to try and trim it up?



davetg01 davetg01 January 3, 2023 5:43 am

@butters  i dont have an answer i'm absolutely sure of, but i would guess since they're outside the thing to do is wait for fall.  there was another grower on the sight that had an indoor plant re-veg.  it did finish the flower cycle but produced a lot of weirdly formed leaves.

A side question:  Were you giving the plant more light hours inside than it got when transplanted outside?

Butters Butters Topic starter January 3, 2023 6:05 am

Yep. Learned an early lesson there. Was under lights 18/6 and was only just over 12 hours light outside. Days have continued to get longer since then. 

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Bit of good news for this plant. It went back into veg long enough grow a few branches then back into flower. Looking pretty good now, just starting to fade. Just about ready to chop. 




It's gunna be a bumpy few outdoor grow seasons for us Aussies to come. This is due to the Tongan volcano eruption early last year and the solar reflexion that's caused many outdoor grows to go pear shaped fast this season. My mentor had his prize GG flip on him at 4 weeks in the Canberra area and mine have just gone crazy by going into some type of clawed stunting for a few weeks and now has munted regrowth. Not sure of your exact location but the east coast out to the plains seams to be coping it. I'm going to try adding a few hours under the grow lights each evening to compensate for lack of photons during the day. This is my theory on why so many of the east coast grows here have flowered early. During germination the photon source doesn't need intensity but in the crucial time when our spring sun was to be pumping out so much ppfd to push the plants into veg mode there wasn't enough there. Even though we crossed the 12/12 barrier the photon density was so poor in the morning and evenings it didn't really snap plants awake like it normally would and it's thrown everyone, I've even overheard 2 old guys talking about how after a lifetime of gardening they can't get anything to produce this year. So I'm not a climate scientist so this is just an educated guess at best. We've still got a few years before the CO2 gets back to normal but at least the symptoms weaken each season until it's back to normal. Hope this helped. I'll include a pic of my critical to let you know you're not alone lol



"What's the charge officer, eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?"

Butters Butters Topic starter January 6, 2023 8:20 am

@improper_weed_viking Wow, theres a variable I didn't count on.


Improper_Weed_Viking Improper_Weed_Viking January 6, 2023 10:11 am

I can't grow a plant for sh!t yet but am here for all your atmospheric and meteorological needs 🤣

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