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Questions [Completed] When to flip?

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Hi there! 

I started a new grow around beginning of sept, Amnesia (Super Strains) and Durban Poison (Seed from my hermie plant I grew two years ago, still the best weed I ever grown). However shortly after they popped, to my great dismay, I found spider mites already munching on them. So I burned the shit down, cleaned about everything in my grow room and started over around 16th of september. Unfortunately my first DP (Durban) seed never germinated so I had to pop another one, so my DP plant is about a week behind my Amnesia.

However, to my question.

By now I have finished topping both for a mainline, but I am not sure when to flip? I do feel like I might need to wait a little longer, but I am somewhat afraid of waiting to long. I am not very experienced with photoperiod.

I grow in a 60x160x178cm tent.. and I forgot the size of the pots , maybe 3 gals? Silly I grow in coco and one fertigation a day, 18/6.

Any thoughts are welcome! Smile  

20221018 Amn
20221018 Durb
20221018 Amn Durb


10 Answers

I’d wait a bit longer.

personly I veg for six weeks 

however after 4 is ok & about 5 weeks a lot will flip depending on Preferences. 

laugh or cry


First of all, your grow looks very good. You are doing well.

Just looking through this thread, my guess is that you are just about in mid flower now and your plants are at their peak nutrient requirement about now. If you don't have enough nutrients in the coco the plants will start moving mobile nutrients around to fill the requirements that making buds has. That's what you are seeing. The lower yellow leaves are nitrogen deficiency and the other is probably a minor magnesium deficiency on the other one. Once again, the issue of EC in and out comes to play here. Have you measured these values. My guess is that if you balance those values everything will fall into place. Don't be overly concerned about the lower leaves going yellow if it's only the very bottom. Those don't get lots of light and the plant will eventually get rid of them after it takes what it can use from them. Banance the EC and you will do well.

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

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Thanks Monkeydo, I will keep a closer eye on the ec going out of the plants. My input Ec is around 1.14 . I take it my durban is hungrier than my Amnesia.

I'll put out an update on the progress in a week or two. Hopefully the plants are happy still.



I just flipped at day 28 and it's taken 11 days for them to start showing a few pistils, now it will be another week or more till buds are formed enough that I will have to stop training.

The younger the plant the long it takes to initiate flowering from what I've seen, a mature plant will start throw pistils before flower to show sex and will then go into flower much quicker.

So you'll have time after the flip to still mess with them and it's not a problem, imo. 

This is my stoned observation, I look like a kid at a candy store window when I watch them grow. 🤣 Good luck man, either way.


They will stretch 2-4 times the size they are now depending on genetics. On rare occasion a bit more. Looks like you have a 6-foot-tall tent, so I also would give another week and look again. The amnesia I've grown usually triple in height after flip.

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

Mix Mix October 27, 2022 1:39 pm

@monkeydo yeah I just decided not to run galato #420 next run as it can triple in height

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Thanks all for your input 👍

I will let them grow a little more, lkke a week or so,  then flip. I remember when I grew the Durban Poison two years ago filled the tent on its own. However, I fertigated 4 or 5 times a day on that grow. I will prob at most ferigate two times a day this time. 🙂



Mix Mix October 27, 2022 1:44 pm

@clist what’s ferigate bud I thought I might be a typo as I can’t find it on any dictionary Inc urban dictionary’s & I can’t figure what it is 

Posted by: @mix

what’s ferigate

That’s a combination of fertilizing and irrigation so you are watering with nutrients 😉

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

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Posted by: @mix
Posted by: @mix

what’s ferigate

That’s a combination of fertilizing and irrigation so you are watering with nutrients 😉

Thanks monkey for clearing that up!

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Update: So I decided to wait, and waited until the 29th of october before I started to gradualy go into flip. Every day I extended the dark period about an hour and by the 3rd of November I was in "full flip". If I counted correctly the Amnesia got 6-7 weeks of veg, and the durban 5-6 weeks, counting from when the seeds got wet.

On the 6th of Nov I removed some bad looking leaves from the bottom of the Durban.

20221106 184939

Any thoughts about the defeciencies in those leaves are welcome Smile

Aldo lots of twisting leaves on the Durban:

20221106 184819

And some spots on the Amnesias leaves, not in picture here, but further down.

 My thoughts where calcium deficiency, or buildup/lockout.. so before next dark period I sprayed on a calmag/vater solution and exchanged the next fertigation with about 2 liters for each plant of cal/mag solution, adjusted to same PH and EC as my nutrient mix (ph 5.8, ec 1.00). 

Around the 8th there where pistils forming.

On the 10th of November I started on "preflowering" nutrient mix.

On the 12th there where obvious "pom poms" forming.

20221112 174743

Amnesia on the left and Durban on the right.

The Duban is the most happy, lots of praying. The Amnesia is ok, but not overly enthusiastic 🙂 

20221112 174754

 Amnesia, here some spots on the lower leaves are visible. Calcium deficiency ?
However never leaves are looking fine, but the plant isn't quite as happy as the Durban.

20221112 174750

The Durban Poison is just sooo happy 😀 


Any comments on the deficiencies I mentioned are most welcome.

Also any thoughts on when to switch nutrient blends? I use T.A. (formerly General Hydroponic Europe) triPart.
My thoughts are to switch to preflowering blend around the time the preflower pistils are starting to show, and I guess that makes sence, but when do you switch to flowering blend?


/cheers Clist

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Last week my mother in law visited so I could barely spend enough time in the growroom to water my plants every day. 

But yesterday my last batch of nutrients ran out and I decided it was probably time to switch to flowering nuts. I flushed both plants with FloraKleen, and took a closer look on the plants. My Amnesia is now looking quite happy, and my Durban looks happy aswell. However, there are some spots, that I figure are calcium def, but also the lower leaves are yellowing, and the plant on the whole is a bit lighter green than the amnesia. I use same nutrients for both plants, it's just to much of a hassle to have separate nutrient blends. After the flush I watered the Durban with some calmag.. hopefullt that could help some with the calcium def, however I do worry about a potential natrium deficiency, as indicated by the yellowing leaves.  Today I started fertigating with flowering blend, and that has obviously even less natrium than the pre-flower blend I have been feeding.

Do you think this might be a problem? Perhaps @monkeydo has some thoughts?


20221123 174718


20221123 174722


20221123 174727
20221123 174731


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