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Questions [Completed] When to start flushing this grow

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Hello reader, I have a bit of a dilemma. I cant seem to make up my mind on when is the right time to start flushing my grow. A little background for you.

I have 5 Sensei Seeds Skunk #1 growing in my 1.2x1.2 with 2 x TS1000 and 1xBurple 150w. Im on week 15 from sprouting. This was my first coco grow and I did make a couple mistakes.

First I wasn't watering till runoff for most of the vegetative state (Dont really even know why as I knew I should have been doing it... Ill blame the ADHD hehe). Second off I think I was a little overboard with my fertigation as Í was following a nute suppliers suggestions. Well the plants were trained hard and SCROGed pretty nicely so now I have a  spread out canopy. I forgot to lollipop or remove the lower growth because these plants were so "small" and still are. So im losing alot of top cola size because of this.

But im now at flower week 7 and a halfish and I am wondering when I should start flushing these plants for harvest. I know I have atleast a week or more to go but im uncertain of when to start doing so.

Heres how my canopy looks now:

2023 01 09 15.36.02

And here are some shots of the buds from today:

2023 01 09 19.28.14
2023 01 09 19.29.57
2023 01 09 15.36.17

I was a little hesitant to post a question here about this as I fell I have done these girls wrong somehow as they are so tiny. But I really wanna get the most out of these girls and do the rest correctly. And any help is appreciated, thanks for reading!

SausaG out!


3 Answers

I agree with Clist. But bear in mind flushing itself it controversial and some say you don't need t do it at all. To be on the safe side I say a week would be plenty. Keep going as you are until you start seeing some amber trichomes, then start flushing. Harvest when the trichomes are 90% milky and 10% amber Smile Try to push them for a little longer to let the terpenes develop more. I know you might be eager to start the next grow, but this one may need a couple more weeks before it is done Smile Just stick with it and stay patient 

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
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Hi SausaG!

I am by no means an expert, and hopefully more seasoned growers can chime in on this, but my thoughts are that you might wanna give them a few more weeks? Do you have a loup or microscope so you can take a closer look on the trichomes?  And if you can let them go a few more weeks you might wanna prune away some of the lower tops so the top buds can bulk up some more.

I wouldn't be to much concerned about the final flush. When you feel that now its pretty much time to harvest you can start flushing for a few days. Especially if you have a flushing agent like flora kleen. In coco flushing is pretty fast.  I do flush sometimes mid grow if i get nutrient lockouts, or before I switch to flowering nuts, and during the last few days before harvest. But I have also harvested without flushing. 🙂

Anyways, it all depends on how those trichomes are looking.


SausaG SausaG Topic starter January 10, 2023 7:31 pm

@clist Well today was a full day of work in the tent. Lifted the scrog net and took the babies out one by one. Did a pretty radical trimming of buds and growth from the lower half. Here are some pictures of that:

40A5E960 55A4 4952 9EA7 524758F5900D
74102B7B 4AAF 4E49 A02A A7ADD3086AAD
876C0FD6 A49F 4433 A777 A04644F6DA17
2585B7C8 22E6 4BDE B22E F038F615F825

The others were trimmed like this also. Ofc this should have been done weeks ago already but im feeling hopeful that the main nugs are still gonna buff up!

Heres what the tent looks like now!

7287E9CC A228 400C BD76 7CF3F1F6D83D

I collected the tops that i cut off, trimmed so theres only ”baby nugs” and set them to dry out. I dont know if I can use them for anything, but they smelled so goddamn good I was NOT going to throw them out!

Clist Clist January 11, 2023 5:34 pm


It's a pretty good feeling when you are done with such a pruning 🙂

Of course there are always things to consider when stripping of leaves, to be able to reach the intended goals I mean. I am still learning myself (often by screwing things up ). 😜

Have you been able to take a closer look on the trichomes yet? 



SausaG SausaG Topic starter January 11, 2023 6:12 pm

@clist It really was rewarding after all that work to see how beautiful and airy they are! 

I only have a 40X loop so the pictures arent the best. But heres how they are looking!

7EAEEE87 9F7A 4DE4 9023 AB0D9BC60DC1
948697B7 877B 4687 95E6 A6A154278C08
4AE1FCFD AE84 4A43 B592 24017C0C0C70

Some are getting milky, mostly I see are still quite ”clear” so no rush yet!

Clist Clist January 12, 2023 5:16 am

Nice pics, it's not easy to get good trichome pictures.

And yes I think it looks like you still got time for them buds to grow bigger 🙂




Hey @sausaG, you got some good looking plants, @clist has covered everything really well, the only thing I'll add is, what does the breeder recommend as far as a flowering time? If your growing Sensi seeds then they have a pretty good recommendation as far as time and together with a loupe or micro scope then "you da man!" Good luck 

SausaG SausaG Topic starter January 11, 2023 9:22 pm

@woodi2 Seems Sensei wants to keep things a secret as all I could find regarding times etc. was as shown in the picture


And well at least in my case "short flowering period" may not be the case 😀 But I am in no rush. This is my second grow ever and my whole plan is to learn as MUCH as possible from growing and talking to you all amazing people here. I have a very clear dream for my future self and cannabis. And now when there is still time until the Great cannabis conquer of Europe im working hard daily to learn more, understand the behavior of these plants, understanding the science behind it and also interestingly the economics behind all of it!


Well back to the topic, now I feel very confident with how im going to proceed with this grow! Keeping my eyes on the trichomes way too much every day 👍 

WoodI2 WoodI2 January 11, 2023 11:20 pm

yeah google can tell you anything, almost. lol Now these are reg seeds but you get the idea. Hope this helps 🖐️ 

45 to 50 days
Skunk #1 Regular is the world's first stable indica-sativa hybrid. These regular cannabis seeds produce exceptionally strong and uniform plants that flower after just 45 to 50 days.

Skunk #1 Regular Seeds – Sensi Seeds UK

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