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Questions [Completed] why are the Leafs growing sharp and pointy on only a branch or two

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the plant is week 1 of flower, The humidity is 60% and the lights used are same as veg and have been used for the past two years so I know it’s not the lights or light stress especially because the rest of the room is fine I have 10 that same strain and none have this problem and the previous two runs haven’t had this. There fed when ready and not overhead. They’re grown indoor with led lights. So I can’t really pinpoint what this is if anyone knows plz let me know. Thank you!

Donno1 Topic starter February 9, 2022 3:27 am
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sorry thought I added those

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A picture would really be needed for a diagnosis mate. Any chance of getting one?

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It looks to me like the new growth just settling in, as you come into flower this can happen, it looks like either a heat response or just the plant expressing itself. Unless it looks to be effecting the overall growth and bud site development I wouldn't stress too much. 

I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.


I must say, those leaves look kinda cool. 


Cool lookin leaves, man. I am wondering — maybe this is phenotypic variability. Will be cool to see how this one grows out!

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That's actually quite cool, like little saw blades. 

Is it an autoflower? 



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