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[Solved] Worm casting only?


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Hi guys I have no idea what to do with my worm casting , I have a worm farm for a few months now and I'm going to have 20L of worm shit very soon,

I'm growing in coco with canna coco nutrients line my questions is,

Can I mix some of the casting with the coco for the veg and water only? I don't really understand how to use it and/ If can use it with the canna nutrients...

Thanks for your knowledge 

Stay high!

3 Answers

From my understanding you add 20% castings to your Cocco but unless you add amendments for flower you will have to use flower nites. My last grow I used 20% mealworm frass and organic liquid flower nutes, I can definitely say it has been my tastiest flower to date.

 you tube there is a guy called the weedy Gardner and he has a video on vermacompost., His video's are beautifully shot, he is based in Australia and he covers all things organic.

Hope this helps


pick it,pack it fire it up, hits from the Gong


Make yourself some worm tea by placing castings in an old sock or pillowcase, tie the end and leave in a jug of rainwater, leave it for 24 hours shaking occasionally and this makes an amazing nutritious liquid plant feed. You can also use it as a foliar spray, you should add a drop of olive oil so it doesn't run straight off the leaves. 

You can mix them with Coco, but I have no idea what the nutes would do. Either mix 20% like previously mentioned or throw a small handful in the hole when transplanting. 

Hope this helps a bit, and good luck 🤞

This sounds great man thanks but do you also need to add anything else or brewing the the would do it?

You don't need to add anything, it's ridiculously good. Wormcasts are teeming with a diverse microbial population, up to 10,000 times more than ordinary compost. Plants grown in the cast or using tea have a natural resistance to many pests and diseases. And you can feed it to everything. Thumbs Up  

Fuck it im gonna try

This is how I will be feeding my plants in the future Smile

Casting and coco only Macky? Like no other shit? Canna coco cost me a ball this run I really want to go cheaper and also why not using my own casting,  but I'm not sure if I can use casting only start to finish 

No mate ill be mixing the worm casting with my sohum/ eco thrive, to recycle it and add some goodness back into the soil. 

Yeah nice , you have your wormfarm in your apartment? Like indoor?

yes mate, the tings i feed it smell illegal, so cant put it outside lmao 

Ahahhaa I know what you mean my worms are vegan stoner as well! Man I dig(past)  into my empty garden bed last weekend I found OZ worms snake size so fucking big bro I was scared to touch them almost ,I sent them into my worm bin then they can show the small ones how to do it and get bigger:) I was shocked this country is fucking insane everything is massive and try to kill you... stay safe out there !


You can mix organic nutes with coco amounts may differ - I always use Bio Pellets for mine so they are feeded during veg.

Plants are like children - always surprising you.

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