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Cops help man after suspected heart attack then raid him

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This is the case of James Curtain (32) from Midleton but now living in the largest city of Nigeria Lagos. He was caught with 6 cannabis plants and over 50grams of cannabis when gardai raided his home. He was not known to the Gardaí and the only trouble he was ever in was a minor road traffic offence. 

The reason the Gardaí raided this man's home is rather disturbing because they had earlier responded to help the man after he had a heart attack in his home. James was home with his sister when he fell ill and his sister phoned for help. Local Gardaí responded and when they entered the house they could smell cannabis & also spotted what they thought to be cannabis herb so they later returned with a search warrant and raided the man’s home. 

During the course of the raid they found 10 jars containing over €1000 worth of cannabis (over 50 grams) and 6 cannabis plants which were being grown under artificial lighting. The gardai say the man was cooperative with them and admitted to owning the cannabis herb and plants which were for personal use. He said he bought the seeds online and also learned how to grow them online too. I wonder was he a member of ?

Read the rest of this story over on removed link  


Just sharing this here as I gave the forum a tag in the article hope thats ok Macky. I can remove it if not. 


Anyway its a sickening case from here in Cork . This guys sister rang for help thinking he was having a heart attack and the cops seen some bud when at the house so came back with a warrant and raided the place. How messed up do ya have to be to raid a guys house after just helping him with a suspected heart attack? 

Posted : October 17, 2021 5:24 pm
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@martinsworld Links get removed automatically mate, inbox it to me ill add it mate. 

But yer that's some snaky shit man. "quick whilst he can't defend himself, raid him"

But not surprised by them shady tactics either 

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Posted : October 17, 2021 6:14 pm
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can you imagine if they came and raided him and he had a heart attack for real…. Poor bastard! Wouldn’t have expected anything more from from the law! Easy target and no work involved…..TOOLS!!

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Posted : October 17, 2021 6:36 pm
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