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This Weeks Top Cannabis News 14-21 March '19

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It's been a week already! So much has happened in this weeks cannabis news, it's been hard to keep track of it all. Mostly, we have seen a massive increase in medical cannabis stories in the UK. Yet again the people are calling out the politicians.

It seems that since cannabis was legalised for medicinal use in November 2018, there has been no change! There are still many people, who are still waiting for their medical cannabis. Doctors will not prescribe it, and patients are still having to turn to the black market.

Parents fight for Norwich toddler to get cannabis oil on the NHS

Cannabis in now legal for medicinal use in the UK, but there is a long way to go before it is readily available for patients. Also, there is still a need for a change in laws.

Alison and Matt Hughes have been petitioning for their son Charlie to be prescribed cannabis. Charlie suffers with a form of epilepsy called infantile spasms, and can have up to 50 seizures a day.

With the growing evidence that cannabis works to help reduce the amount of seizures in people who suffer with epilepsy, Alison and Matt would like to help their son, by trying cannabis oils as his medicine. Click on the video below to hear more about their story.

Cannabis is licensed for use on children with epilepsy. Alison, Matt and Charlie are joined by many supporters. who are all eager to see change. So Children can get the medicine they need, that may potentially change the quality of their lives.

Medicinal cannabis: 'Patients still in limbo'

this weeks cannabis news

Connected to our previous story, we have more complaints from the British public about the lack of access to medical cannabis.

Patients have been told they may have to wait for a while yet. This is because more studies need to be done into the medicinal benefits of cannabis. This has caused a lot of anger in people who are in desperate need of medicines for their children.

It is still up for debate whether cannabis will be available routinely on the NHS for patients. People are still forced to go to the black market for their medicines. Something has to be done quickly. This has already gone on long enough, and children are suffering. Read the full article here.

High-potency cannabis, or frequent use, raises the risk of psychosis

this weeks cannabis news

In this weeks cannabis news, the mainstream media continue to assume correlation is equal to causation. They find a small percentage of cannabis users, who have mental illness. Because they may have smoked cannabis before, it is assumed that cannabis caused the psychosis.

There hasn't been any well peer reviewed studies on this as usual. Just more BS headlines trying to increase the fear of the population. But this doesn't matter. People will read headlines, they wont read studies.

I know many people, who have smoked cannabis everyday for years. Unless they told you, you wouldn't know at all. Unfortunately, mental illness is something that affects many people. Is it right to assume cannabis is the cause?

Times are changing, and the establishment doesn't seem to like it. They will spin many lies. You have to take opportunities when you can, to educate friends on the values of cannabis.

Medical cannabis: Cardiff parents of boy with epilepsy demand oil

More trouble with the medical cannabis laws in the UK! This is another tragic story, of a family with a young son suffering from epilepsy.

Bailey Rankmore is 17 years old, and for the last three years, his mother has been using CBD oils to relieve his symptoms. She has noted about how this medicine has changed his quality of life.

Unfortunately, the relief of the medicines are not as effective as they used to be, and getting a higher quality oil is not easy. This is because doctors refuse to prescribe it, and it is very expensive to find on the black market.

Rachel, Baileys Mothers, will join 16 other families, and hand a petition into parliament asking for medical cannabis to be more widely available. As a result, we hope to see these children get the medical cannabis they need.

It's tragic, that families like these, heard of the laws change in November, and felt as if there was some hope in their struggle. But still, they are waiting, with no idea of what their future holds, and if they will ever be able to get the medicine their children need.

UK Police Find Cannabis plants with street value of £250,0000

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Again in this weeks cannabis news, we have a bust. Always take the amount of worth with a pinch of salt. But here is another crop taken by the police because of rule breaking;

"We were alerted to a strong smell, of what was believed to be cannabis "

You should never grow this much cannabis, you only ever need enough to cover your own needs, never sell your crop to anyone! Follow the three rules; Don't tell, Don't sell, Cover them Smell.

As you can see, rule number three was broken here, which alerted the authorities to the grow. Imagine, if this grower had spent some proper money on a good carbon filter, he might not even be in this mess!

Thoughts on this weeks Top Cannabis News

Things are changing, but for some, they are changing way too slowly. Its ok as a recreational user, to wait and watch the drugs laws change slowly, we can deal with it. But to have your children be ill, and know cannabis can help, but still not be able to do anything about it must be torture!

Maybe the guy caught with the 200 plants was making medicines for these people? I doubt it, but it could be the case of making it for some one who needs it. It's a damn shame the UK still has to turn to the black market, lets hope there is speedy reform, so these children, and their families, can stop stressing.

Thanks for reading Percy Growers! Stay Safe, stay well and happy growing.

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