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Cannabis Plant Infirmary

Diagnosis Section

This is the diagnosis section of the forum. If there is something wrong with your cannabis plant, and you do not know what it is, then we can help you find out. Post a picture of your sick cannabis plant in a new thread in here, and provide as much information about your grow as possible, like the medium you're growing in, what food you're feeding your plant, and the pH and EC of the medium. The more information you can provide about your sick cannabis plant, the more accurate the diagnosis will be.


Deficiencies & Excess

Cannabis plant deficiencies & excess problems can arise far too often. The key to keeping a healthy cannabis plant, is being about to spot problems early, and diagnose and fix cannabis plant problems before they get too bad. In this section of the forum, you will find guides, and chart for cannabis plant deficiencies and excess, to help you diagnose cannabis plant problems easily. If you need any help at all, then just post a new thread in this section of the forum.


Bugs & Pests

One of the most devastating things you can find on your cannabis plant, is bugs & pests. Some bugs on a cannabis plant are not as harmful as others. Being able to identify a bug on a cannabis plant is the first step to solving the problem. Find out what bugs is eating your cannabis plant in this section of our cannabis growers forum. Learn how to kill bugs on a cannabis plant, and also learn how to prevent them. Post here if you need help getting rid of bug in your grow room.


Bud Rot & Diseases

Bud rot & diseases are the worst thing that can happen your cannabis plant. After months of growing, a whole crop can be ruined overnight, or they may experienced genetic problems that prevent them from growing properly. In this section of the forum, we discuss bud rot, and diseases that affect a cannabis plant. We will cover how to prevent your cannabis plant getting bud rot, and how to prevent your plant getting sick. If you need help, with bud rot, powdery mildew, or any cannabis plant disease, the ask for help in this section of the forum.


Cannabis Plant Infirmary

Welcome to the cannabis plant infirmary. In this section of the forum, you will find guides on fixing cannabis plant deficiencies, killing bugs, and find general diagnosis of cannabis plant problems. If you have a sick cannabis plant, post a picture of your plant, with some information about the grow in this section. We can help you get your plant back on the right track.
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Our Cannabis Growers Forum is for educational purposes and we encourage our members to check their country of residence legislation before germinating a marijuana seed.

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