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High on Home Grown Ideas and bro science to discuss

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Hey so I listened to the last grow guides episode on purple buds excellent conversation it got me thinking about more bro science and myths surrounding cannabis and increasing its terpene and resin production..

So I have tried these methods a few times and they did seem to work in theory ...basicly stress the hell out of my plants....

IVe tried it to see if it works and I can honestly say I had some positive results however hard evidence is probably needed ... I have heard that as cannabis plants age and their end of life cycle they ramp up thc and resin production in order to catch pollen and be able to have a better chance to reproduce... and through this a few techniques come to mind I have been told by some old school growers regardless of if you beleive me or not I have tried it and it seemed to absolutely work. 



#Light deprive your plants by shutting down all lights for a few days at least...better yet even a week right before harvest and lowering Temps to simulate the coming of fall and the seasonal changes the plants will increase resin head production and produce more crystals in order to try and use its last chance of reproducing...

#2 stock splitting ... stressing the plants by splitting stocks very similar to super cropping like kyle kushmans canna chiropracty you can stress the plants stems to increase bud development as well as increase its chance of producing more resin or.something to this affect... it's like breaking stems but not snapping them just having them knuckle up and when the knuckle heals it creates a stronger pathway to send nutrients and water which in turn creates bigger flowers and more production.. its HST at its finest 

Those are the two weird ones I have tried and they seemed to work quite well ... however It was my first time growing this perticular strain and they could have very well just been like that naturally... 


Let me know what yall think or I'd you have tried this as well with success 

Posted : May 28, 2023 2:03 am
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