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I need to take some cutting off my plant so they are ready for the next crop,  would anybody find this helpful if I did a guide? 

It's easy to do, cheap and you learn how to get the best out of the plant, I have done this 4 times with my current strain.

just need a small veg room ( can also be used to dry your bud  )and a propagator 

clones can be taken anytime in flower but it's best to take them in the first 3 weeks of flower (12/12).

I use a storage box with a single t5 light, this is the perfect amount of light for about 15 clones 

takes about 3 weeks to root, going to use small peat pots with 30% sand and 70% soil (I seived the soil) or buying seedling soil should be fine with a little sand

Posted : October 11, 2020 9:34 pm
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