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Poll results: Photos or Autos?
Voter(s): 53
Poll is closed Dec 03, 2019
Photoperiod  -  votes: 24 / 45.3%
Autoflowering  -  votes: 29 / 54.7%

Win Photos or Autos, You Decide!

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Something a little different! A competition where you can win Photos or Autos, you decide what you win!

The competition is simple and ANYONE CAN ENTER!!

Just comment below, and let us know which type of cannabis seeds you prefer, Photos or Autos, and vote in the poll on the thread in the forum!

All entries will be divided into two lists, one for photoperiod, and one for autoflowering.

There will be 2 winners! One from the choice of Photos, and the other from the choice of Autos.

Nice and easy, so get signed up and let us know what is your prefered type of cannabis seeds! Autoflowering, or Photoperiod!

How to Enter Photos or Autos

First off, you need to be a member of our cannabis growers forum. If you're not a member, you can sign up HERE for free, it will take less than a minute.

If you are a member, or have just signed up, just comment on the thread in the forum, and vote in the poll.

Choose, what types of cannabis seeds you prefer to grow, Autos, or Photos.

Entry is open for 7 days, from the 25/11/2019, and will be closed on Monday the 2nd of December, at 23:59 GMT. Any entry after this will not count.

How to Win

After the entry has closed, all members who have commented on the thread with Auto or Photos, AND also voted in the poll, will be added to one of two lists, and assigned a number, in order of entry.

For example, the first to vote for photos will get number 1, and the first to vote for autos will also get number 1.

If you chose autos, you will be added to the autos list, if you chose photos, you will be added to the photos list.

A random number generator, will be set up, with a timer, to ensure the draw is fair, and we can all see who wins live. The number of the ticket for the draw will be posted with at least 12 hours notice before the draw.

There will be one number chosen from the photos list, and one number chosen from the autos list.

If the number chosen is yours, you win.

What Do You Win

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What you win in the Photo prize draw:

5 x Feminised Barneys Farm Glookies
2 x Feminised Barneys Farm Peyote Critical
1 x Big Devil XL Sweet Seeds
Barneys Farm Lighter and Grinder
Percys Grow Room Members Mug
Dutch Passion Catalogue
Dutch Passion Plant Labels
Assorted Seedbank Stickers

What you win in the Auto Prize Draw:

5 x Auto Barneys Farm Glue Gelato
2 x Feminised Barneys Farm Peyote Critical
1 x Green Poison XL Auto, Sweet Seeds
Barneys Farm Lighter and Grinder
Large Barneys Farm Stash Jar
Dutch Passion Catalogue
Dutch Passion Plant Labels
Assorted Seedbank Stickers

Enter now!!

This is all for a bit of fun, and something to brighten up our week. Play fair, and enjoy the competition. So, do you want to win photos or autos, let us know below!

Good Luck Everyone!!

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