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[Sticky] Grow Diary Template  

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Just copy and paste this template into your new journal post, and fill in as much detail as possible! Please leave a link to the strain/s you're going to grow, so future viewers can read the description, and maybe get some of their own! 



Username, Strain, Medium, Lights eg: Percy Grower, grows Dutch Passion White Widow in coco, under HPS

Link to strain: White Widow

Picture of strain


Coco/ Soil/ Hydro ( go into more detail if possible eg, super soil, living soil, deep water culture, NFT)

Size of Grow Area and number of plants:

1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 M grow tent with four plants


HPS, LED, CMD, Quantum Boards, and what wattage are you using?


Passive or active intake? What size extractor and filter? 

Pot Sizes:

What type of pots you're going to use in the grow.


What foods are you going to use throughout the grow. 

Other Equipment:

PH/ EC meter, air stones, fans. What extra additions do you have for your grow room. 

Plan for the grow:

Scrog, LST, Mainline, or just grow it out. Maybe topping? Be descriptive with your plan. 

Good luck with your grow, and good luck with your grow diary! 


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