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Sick Plant Brown leafs?

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whatsthis2 exif remove
five exif remove
  • Royal Queen, Dwarf, auto. 150 cm tall in growtent. First time everything for me and zero knowledge.... what an adventure...
  • Lost count of what week it is, probably 6. Buds started forming last week.
  • Problem shown on pictures:
    • Nevermind the small white dots, thats vinegar burn... (don't ask...I'm new)
    • What are the brown dead parts? They are all shown on same plant. I guess something is missing..?
    • Also, when using Golden Label nutrients - do I still need to only give the plant 50% of the dosage even if I would follow the weekly charts?


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LED Samsung, 150W, but "300W output"
Temperature C/F : (Light on/off)
21-26 C
Picture of Problem

Golden Label, but only gave the plant once in week 5 or so. (Didn't have until then)

pH Level
EC / PPM / TDS of Feed


Feed Frequency
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Hi mate and welcome to Percy's. If that leaf is the only one you are concerned with then you are fine. That leaf, being all the way at the bottom and far away from the growing tip is just being used for storage now. As the plants become taller and the base gets further away from the light, the plant will consume the lower leaves when it needs those nutrients. Most growers do a lollipop and remove the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of the canopy so as to focus all the energy on those prime top buds. As long as this "damage" is limited to the lower most leaves you are probably OK.


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