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[Sticky] Cannabis Plant Diagnosis

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Cannabis Plant Problems

Diagnostics Form.


So, you have a sick cannabis plant? Don’t worry, most problems are easily fixable. But for the best diagnosis of your plant, we need some information from you. The more you can answer in this form, the less questions have to be asked, saving precious time, and getting the problem solved faster.

Step 1: Fill out the Cannabis Plant Diagnosis Form


Grow medium (soil, coco, hydro):


PH of your nutrient solution ( Feed):

PH of the run off, or Reservoir: 

EC/ PPM of Nutrient Solution before Feeding:

EC/ PPM of the run off, or Reservoir: 

Nutrients Brand, and how many ML per litre of which foods. 

Grow room temps lights on/ lights off ( On/ Off):

Grow room humidity lights on/ lights off (On/ Off)

Res temps if hydro:

Lighting type and wattage (hps, led, cfl):

Extraction (Size of Extractor, and where you draw and exhaust air from):


Anything else you think might be important, such as a previous health problem you tried to fix, an early infestation of bugs, or a big change to the environment, leave here:

Step 2: Highlight the above text, and copy it to your clipboard

Once the forum is filled out to the best of your ability, click on the link below. Start a new topic, and paste in this form. 

Step 3:Click here and start a new Topic 

Click Here

Once a new topic has started, add a title, and then paste in your filled in diagnosis form. 


Usually a problem can be well on the way to being fixed within 24 hours. If you’re unsure of what to do, don’t do anything! Just fill out this form and post it in the infirmary, and someone will be right with you. 



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