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Leaf tip yellow, st...
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Leaf tip yellow, stem getting thinner and breaking

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Hi there

Two days ago my apparently healthy plant leafs started to get a bit dark, after a few hours they were yellow, a few more hours and stem was getting thinner near the leaf, the leaf was also almost on a 90 degree angle, a few more hours and the stems were breaking and the leafs dropping.

This was happening with only some leafs on the bottom, althought after this, it start spreading to the top of the plant, to the point I lost every stem and leaf on the bottom and the same is happening to the top.

Ill leave some photos bellow. The photo where the plant has more leaf's was two days ago, she is now barely having any leafs.

IMG 20201012 100752
IMG 20201010 015609
IMG 20201007 164754
IMG 20201010 023426
IMG 20201010 054055


Also some info, growing an auto on a 5 gallon pot using soil. Did vegetation with a 125watts cfl and Im now using a 60watts Cree Cob Led.

The temperature is always between 23 and 26 and the humidity is usually between 60 and 70, tried everything to lower it, not even having a dehumidifier inside the tent work, my house in winter is pretty much like a sanken boat.

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Looks to be on only one side of the plant, maybe your cob is a bit too intense straight down, how far away from light is the affected bit ? or did this start with the dehumidifier in the tent...possible air burn from an outlet fan ?

As for humidity, its a small area with a big pot so when you feed, the soil is wet for a while hence the ambient RH will also be high...only way to improve is to get to get more extraction and more dry warmer air on intake



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