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Leaves folding downwards

Percy Grower
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Hi ! That fastberry plant have few fan leaves looking strange , some of the bottom ones show signs of windburn , that's inlet fan , but some are high up and there's hardly any air movement around them . Dwc 26 l , an pH perfect  , big bud , bud candy , hydroguard ,b52,voodoo juice, ppm 1000 , pH 6.1 , lights 20/4 , can that be a result of small root damage ? 3 days ago damaged some roots which grew into the water pump filter , I'm a newbie so any help appreciated

IMG 20200706 214412
IMG 20200706 214418
IMG 20200706 214302
IMG 20200706 234413
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I grow in coco and if I saw these symptoms I’d consider lowering the feed a bit. Looks like a nitrogen excess with some leaf tips dark green and slight down curling of the tips. Perhaps one of the DWC growers can confirm this.

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Ys mate can be caused from root damage. 

I think youre giving them a bit too much food too. I would use big bud or bud candy, not booth. Just go for big bud right now mate, have that until about week 5 in flower then add the bud candy and drop big bud, dont use both at the same time it can be strong Smile


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