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Light Burn?

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As my main light has been delayed, I’ve had a seedling light very close to the plants.

Whilst I have moved the lights further away recently, I wonder if the damage was done before I did.

IMG 4743

There were slight hints of these marks in the past (more shiny marks than pale) but seem much worse today.

I know a sign of light burn is the highest leaves yellowing & this is the lowest, I wonder if it’s just old damage from a week ago and the new leaves weren’t there a week ago.(?)

The other strain is perfect and got pretty much the same treatment 🤷‍♂️

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Canna A&B, Calmag & Rhizotonic

pH Level
EC / PPM / TDS of Feed

1.0 in 0.7 out - but only the 2nd day of this feed level.

Feed Frequency
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@fital Everything looks ok here. ph is fine, ec looks fine. If the issue was caused by the light, and now you have moved it, i wouldn't be too concerned. The plants are going to carry on fine and grow many more healthy leaves mate. Just keep doing what youre doing : )


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