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Sick Plant Looking for some advice ☺️

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Hi guy's and girls, I'm looking for a bit of help.



This is my second grow so I'm pretty new to this, the first was a disaster from start to finish but it did manage to get something out of it 🤣

So this time I'm asking for help. The plant will be 4 weeks old this Monday and the leaves are all curling at the tips from about week 2.5

I'm using Bio Bizz nutrients.

First and only feed was week 2

1ltr. pH water with 1ml of bio heaven and 2ml of root juice.

Going through the guides on this page suggested that it's suffering from nitrogen toxicity, so I flushed with 3ltr of pH water and have not fed since. The plant is growing like crazy, but I still have not seen any improvement with the clawed leaves.

Does anyone have any advice please 🤣





Grow Medium
Temperature C/F : (Light on/off)
Picture of Problem

Bio Bizz

pH Level
EC / PPM / TDS of Feed


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i would let the medium dry out a bit then continue to water only ...

leaves hook down from too much N (prob drop the root juice for a while) and also from overwatering .. 

i would be using grow not bio heaven at this stage..and prob only 1-2ml / L 

what sort of plant is it ? an auto wont like as much feed typically btw 



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It's a Northern Lights auto from Royal Queen Seeds.

I haven't watered in a week but was definitely guilty of over watering and over feeding on my last run, so I'll cut it back the nutrients some more.

Thanks for the advice 😊

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@djmsixx How did you go with the plant. From a quick look there is defiantly nitrogen toxicity. See how the tip of the leaves claw straight down. That normally means to much nitrogen. Different names for it crows foot claw.


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