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Sick Plant Need help

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Currently have three plants. One started November 27th the other two Feb 28th. All three inside in a tent in 5 gallon fabric pots. There is a ventilation system, fans, and two 300 watt led lights. All three started with the paper towel method. I started off feeding every other watering and when I noticed the leaves were yellow with brown spots and some purple stems I thought it might be nutrient burn so I started feeding once per week. I have had issues with fungus gnats that has been treated with yellow sticky traps and need oil. I have also been testing the ph and ppm. They are all three in fox farm soil. The leaves almost look weak and soft. There are brown and yellow spots on the tips. On one of the plants the tips are curved down. Some of the tips are dying and breaking off making it more or an oval shaped. I've done research and am at a loss of what it can be. I've tried removing the bad leaves and more come back. I've also seen two to three yellow spots in the middle of the leaves.Β 

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Fox farm big bloom and grow big and botanicare cal mag

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Its along time to be veggin plants indoors mate, have you started to flower them yet?Β 

These thing scan be caused by bugs mate, and the leaves have a kind of shine to them that is a result if bugs too. Are all of the bugs gone now?Β 

Itll be good to see a pic of the whole plant Smile How much are you feeding and how often? Are you giving food everytime you water?Β 

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Are you leaving the soil to dry out much during watering ? how often do you water them ?


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